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drawn in 1 hour 20 min with Kleki
Rosemary (Oct 5, 2022)
First drawing on my new laptop..hmm...
absolutely no clue where the reference pic is from..something I found in an old college bag from 13 or so years ago lol
Rosemary (Oct 5, 2022)
drawn in 1 hour 14 min
Rosemary (Oct 5, 2022)
drawn in 5 min
luv2 (Oct 8, 2022)
Nice ツ
elly (Oct 11, 2022)
Your work is also so clean and fresh....wonderful piece
Ava_Grace (Nov 5, 2022)
I love your work! It always seems to turn out perfect.
qazwsxedc33901836 (Nov 8, 2022)
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