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drawn in 2 hours 27 min with Kleki
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Kloxboy (Aug 11, 2022) — edit
Kloxboy (Aug 11, 2022)
drawn in 1 hour 20 min
Kloxboy (Aug 11, 2022)
drawn in 53 min
Kloxboy (Aug 11, 2022)
drawn in 14 min
TheCrimsonKing (Aug 12, 2022)
Woah, long time no see bro. This was a pleasant surprise.
Kloxboy (Aug 12, 2022)
Nice to see you, too, Joe. :] Yeah, it’s been a few years.
dingaling (Aug 13, 2022)
this is so cool
Kloxboy (Aug 13, 2022)
Thanks, Lori. :]
Lilbunni_is_drawing (Aug 14, 2022)
this is amazing! i love how he looked kinda like he's being warped into a black hole. (from my imagination)
luv2 (Aug 15, 2022)
davincipoppalag (Aug 16, 2022)
Rosemary (Sep 29, 2022)
i missed this one!.. absolutly love how all 3 edits somehow give me a different feel.. ive always admired your expressive they always are and your colour uses.. i admit i still have random images of yours from way back in 2004-5 that spring mind now and then when i see that perfect shade of orange or a nicely blended gradient of paint or a warped reflection lol
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