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drawn in 1 hour 56 min with Kleki
mochi_penguin (6 days ago)
this is kinda a battle scene from wings of fire, and kind of from an alternate universe, since this battle didnt necessarily actually happen
mochi_penguin (6 days ago)
drawn in 16 min
mochi_penguin (6 days ago)
drawn in 9 min
ok, so i just did the lines for my ice dragon (icewing), and im gonna take a break before adding details and that stuff.
yellow.nutella (6 days ago)
Welcome mochi penguin, awesome sketch!
mochi_penguin (edited 6 days ago)
thank you! :)
mochi_penguin (6 days ago)
drawn in 19 min
i finally finished my lineart- :') i definitely need revisions :'(
mochi_penguin (6 days ago)
drawn in 18 min
base art finally done!
yellow.nutella (6 days ago)
Aaaahh I can't wait to see how it looks!!
mochi_penguin (6 days ago)
drawn in 22 min
added some detail to the seawing
mochi_penguin (6 days ago)
drawn in 21 min
if i don't have anything else to edit, i think ill just do the background
mochi_penguin (edited 6 days ago)
drawn in 8 min
dang, i think ill end it here! doesn't look too bad, but i could definitely improve the background! i think i should practice. otherwise, i think im good now!

anyways, critique is welcomed, but please no hate, thanks! <3
davincipoppalag (4 days ago)
i like it
elly (4 days ago)
Sweet! I'd love to see some details in the wings and love the background. Welcome to 2D!
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