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100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 48 min with Kleki
xswirvex (Jul 6, 2022)
I don’t draw much anymore, usually when I feel anxiety I lean to drawing for peace…but I miss it

Btw I love this app[kleki] but definitely buggy with iPad
xswirvex (Jul 6, 2022)
drawn in 17 min
yellow.nutella (Jul 6, 2022)
I like the shading. What do you mean by "app", I also use an ipad
xswirvex (Jul 6, 2022)
drawn in 7 min
davincipoppalag (Jul 7, 2022)
im a slow learnsly er i still cant figujre out kleki but its obviously special
seer (Jul 7, 2022)
i been using kleki for awhile and using an ipad kinda sucks with it cuz no pressure sensitivity... if you have a computer and drawing tablet i'd recommend that. much easier to use, and if u want to see some of like full canvas drawings go to the gallery in kleki.
yellow.nutella (Jul 7, 2022)
I agree it is a the pressure sensitivity is a bit wack even with the stylus I use. And there are a few glitches like the zoom in and being stuck there for a bit. Also, seer, check your memos (=
bitbof (Jul 8, 2022)
It should have pressure sensitivity with the Apple Pencil on iPad.
seer (edited Jul 8, 2022)
i tried, didn't work so i just use kleki on me computer. BTW bitbof, THANKYOU so much for creating kleki!!
xswirvex (Jul 13, 2022)
drawn in 23 min
xswirvex (Jul 13, 2022)
drawn in 20 sec
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