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drawn in 3 hours 9 min with Kleki
Caramelpop (Jun 6, 2022)
Mostly music covers and poses from any source, some characters are from games or videos or any social media things( update on Jun 9: so when I’m done with this music cover I’m gonna do the book cover of the comic I’m doing, so stay tuned to that if you want )
Caramelpop (Jun 6, 2022)
drawn in 26 min
A lil sketch
Caramelpop (Jun 6, 2022)
drawn in 21 min
Adding more characters real quick :7
Caramelpop (edited Jun 7, 2022)
drawn in 44 min
Added a few more characters ( also did the outline while adding the few characters :7 )
Caramelpop (Jun 7, 2022)
drawn in 14 sec
Plus did the outline, and maybe I decided, why not just make it public, just for the progress, please don’t be saying, “showing off”, I wouldn’t really do that, considering the other artworks I did were drafts or simple draws, I’m making this for entertainment purposes and doing something that maybe social media likes, but the main reason is for a project I’m doing ( I can explain my project once I’m done with the next update or draft )
davincipoppalag (Jun 8, 2022)
i think its cool
Caramelpop (Jun 8, 2022)
drawn in 27 min
Added basic color to the art ( so basically I’m doing a comic series on games and that ( it’s in its first few pages right now) called “multifandom” , I basically decided to do this project out of free time, or for entertainment reasons. I’m basically in my teens, doing this project or a minor doing this project for either reason you could possibly think of, but also the problem is that making this comic WITHOUT the creators characters permission is a huge conflict for doing my comic, The media examples can be like Among us, Cuphead, Bendy and the ink machine, Undertale, etc.. And I’m wanting to do an animation of this comic once I’m done with the graphic novel series, the animation can appear in YouTube, where I’ll be posting behind the scenes, and more. Pretty sounds like a have everything in plan, huh? Well, I’m not, basically the problem that’s keeping me from doing my animations INCLUDING my comic is copyright. And I’m doing this music cover IF I decide I’ll do the animation of this comic I’m doing in a few couple of years. Plus I’m doing this special collaboration with my friend called “Emoji Adventure” , the title kinda explains it, but with media replaced as emoji’s. God, I’m Just giving a whole essay of my comic, Sorry if it’s long :( . So you guys can give your opinions about it, even the ones with hatred, I’m super fine with it, I’m just looking for improvement or feedback, even if it means taking down the WHOLE project, ya’ll give me some advice or keep scrolling, your choice my lad )
elly (Jun 11, 2022)
Wow bet that was time consuming! Good work!
tortugator (Jun 12, 2022)
omg there is a sus
Caramelpop (Jun 13, 2022)
drawn in 46 min
Did the shading for the drawing :) ( also when I’m done with the music cover imma make a book cover for the “Multifandom” project, basically paper to animation, I’m planing to release the series on Wattpad, so stay tuned ;]
Caramelpop (Jun 14, 2022)
drawn in 17 min
Yay! I now finished the music cover! Lot shorter time than I expected, welp now that done, now for the book cover :]
davincipoppalag (Jun 14, 2022)
finished up well
Caramelpop (Jun 14, 2022)
drawn in 5 min
Extra detail :] welp now the book cover ;v;
rpgfan123 (Jun 17, 2022)
Really nice multifandom art.
Great job!
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