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drawn in 6 hours 44 min with Kleki
bitbof (May 3, 2022)
Actually it's only been 20 years.

Here's to 2draw. I've been a member since 2003 through various accounts. Its tools and members have been an immense inspiration, and most importantly I got to experience the joy of exploring art together with all of you. However much fun we may derive from drawing nowadays, I think it really clicked for us here on 2draw.

Last year, with the help of Marcello, I even managed to bring my own drawing tool Kleki onto the site. It felt meaningful to give back to this community which gave me so much and to see artists that I admire utilize it. Kleki is inspired by my experience here.

When all else falls, 2draw will still be around, ready for another drawing session. ;)

The Oekaki Shi-Painter UI was manually recreated without any tricks.
bitbof (May 3, 2022)
drawn in 10 sec
bitbof (May 3, 2022)
drawn in 20 min
bitbof (May 3, 2022)
drawn in 1 hour 28 min
bitbof (May 3, 2022)
drawn in 54 min
bitbof (edited May 3, 2022)
drawn in 17 min
After school on my computer. I sense my family rustling in the house. "Pinback - Fortress" playing on my headphones and strokes mindlessly pour out of my stylus.
It's nearly dinner time.
bitbof (May 3, 2022)
drawn in 54 min
bitbof (May 3, 2022)
drawn in 1 hour 12 min
Rosemary (May 3, 2022)
Happy birthday 2draw! January 2004 for me and still on the same account tho my early stuff is rather embarrassing 🤣 i came here as a 18 year old who had never drawn digitally in my life apart from the basic black and white of youdraw .. soon fell in love with the drawing tools and the wonderful people here .. life’s changed a lot over the years but 2draw has always been here for me.. it’s because of you guys I went to college and university studying art.. you’ve always been there through all of life’s ups and downs … I’m 37 and a mother of 2 now but still I come back here whenever I can..this place is home 😊
Thank you so much too bitbof for Kleki as that’s made you draw much more portable for me .I love the others too but .I find kleki best and least glitchy to use on my tablet or iPad when out in middle of nowhere halfway up a mountain or sat on a beach here in Scotland with rubbish internet signal lol
Kloxboy (May 3, 2022)
Zoraw! Haven't seen him in years (or is it them? it? what are Zoraw's pronouns? lol). :] Kleki is a lot of fun, I love the tools. I hope you continue to develop it here on 2draw.

Nice remake of the Shi-Painter toolbar. 👍
bitbof (May 3, 2022)
drawn in 58 min
> on my tablet or iPad when out in middle of nowhere halfway up a mountain or sat on a beach here in Scotland
That's a great image. Love the warmth your pieces bring!

@Klox: Thanks, I will! I wanted to recreate more tools pixel by pixel, but realized half way through that it would be mindboggling amount of work.
bitbof (May 3, 2022)
drawn in 21 min
Rosemary (May 3, 2022)
if you want more of a visual this is my favorite drawing spot sat on a rock .. the view I’m looking at when I do the majority of my drawings just a DA picture link and thank you very much!

I wonder what the next 20 (or 200) years of 2draw will bring us..

And love this drawing! Zoraw is quite an artist! tho I have to admit my 2am brain here is somehow imagining the drawing as twilight zone opening titles but in pastel tones … could work for 2draw I guess 😂
bitbof (May 3, 2022)
drawn in 15 min
bitbof (May 3, 2022)
drawn in 45 sec

@Rosemary: Wow, that's a beautiful spot! I can see why you enjoy drawing outside :)
davincipoppalag (May 4, 2022)
Im mhappy its come back to life this has vgeen my favorite site since 2003 also
tollstrup1693 (May 4, 2022)
Wow 200 years of drawing
elly (May 7, 2022)
This site is where I developed my inspiration and motivation to get better at my art, and it worked! Thanks 2Draw!
satopian (edited May 8, 2022)
marcello (May 14, 2022)
this is amusing and wonderful
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