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drawn in 4 hours 11 min with Chicken Paint
elly (Mar 17, 2022)
elly (Mar 17, 2022)
drawn in 2 hours 18 min
elly (Mar 18, 2022)
drawn in 58 min
elly (Mar 20, 2022)
drawn in 54 min
Been a while butterfly...
davincipoppalag (Mar 21, 2022)
beautifully done
elly (Mar 21, 2022)
Thanks Dave. I can always count on you!
dingaling (edited Mar 21, 2022)
it's beautiful Elly.. looks like it's gonna fly right off the screen.... the head is pretty weird.. I'm glad I dont look like that lol
elly (Mar 23, 2022)
It does have a weird looking head, dingaling. Thanks for your comment!! Not enough of those going around on this site anymore!
luv2 (Apr 3, 2022)
Pretty ツ
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