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drawn in 1 hour 26 min with Kleki
Rosemary (Jan 24, 2022)
Just a doodle ..I had no idea what to draw so..drew what was in front of me! in the corridor mounted on the wall on the top floor of my house is a sealed and unused tho rather battered and faded and a tad rusty “Davy Descender” fire escape that was likely put there in the early 1930s .. no it’ll never be used!! we have more modern things now but this will stay as I just like how it looks for some reason .. the “do not hesitate it is perfectly safe” part does crack me up tho ..I’m sure jumping out of the window on a piece of string is safe lol (especially on 90 year old string!!) 😂
Rosemary (Jan 24, 2022)
drawn in 45 min
Rosemary (Jan 24, 2022)
drawn in 23 min
Rosemary (Jan 24, 2022)
drawn in 12 min
Rosemary (Jan 24, 2022)
drawn in 4 min
davincipoppalag (Jan 24, 2022)
It is well named LOL
luv2 (Jan 24, 2022)
Wow, that really is an interesting historical piece.
I was fascinated by many things in Scotland when I visited, (way back before you were born) like using coins for electric and seems like tv
was also coin regulated. I'm sure that has all changed.
We visited many relatives in Glassgow area. They loved to sing at the local pub. Pretty good singers too!
Rosemary (edited Jan 24, 2022)
Lol thought you’d like the name Dave
Luv2 my house is a country manor that was built as a guest lodge for a rich family who owned a big chunk of Scotland of their summer homes was the local castle house was donated to the war effort in WW2 for use as a respite hospital for soldiers and after the war it stood empty right up until me and my other half bought’s fascinating looking up the history and while it’s a lot of work restoring the massive house by ourselves (we’re keeping it all as original as possible)..we keep finding new fabulous things that keeps us going (a brick built pottery kiln in one corner of the garden and wooden rowing boats hiding under the rhododendrons were more recent finds)
I’m on the west coast of Scotland so Glasgow is just a few hours away
As to the rest .. coin electric meters were fairly common in council or rented houses at least up until I was a kid..I know the first house I rented electric was by a card meter where I paid for little £5 strips of cardboard at the post office and pushed them into a slot in the box.. tho most people pay via banks etc these days lol ..I’m no drinker so wouldn’t know about pubs 😂 it’s 4 miles to my nearest village no matter anything else so I’m not the most social lol but yes people love singing and playing music
elly (Jan 24, 2022)
I'm in awe of the amount of detail you were able to achieve in this rustic treasure!! Just wonderful!
davincipoppalag (Jan 24, 2022)
my grandad was from the Glasgow area too.
luv2 (Jan 25, 2022)
Sounds like you have an interesting restoration project to keep you very busy.
I need a kitchen remodel and hate the thought of it.

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