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drawn in 59 min with Kleki
Rosemary (Jan 23, 2022)
I noticed today that yesterday (jan 22nd) was my 18th anniversary of joining this lovely site! ….I was 18 when I joined this site in 2004 and my first drawing was a self portrait so it seems only fitting I’d do another now at 36 😂 …bit of an odd angle as I was drawing this using a mirror but oh well
Rosemary (Jan 23, 2022)
drawn in 57 min
Rosemary (Jan 23, 2022)
drawn in 2 min
elly (Jan 23, 2022)
Your portrait is beautiful and you are gorgeous! Happy Anniversary!!
luv2 (Jan 23, 2022)
Wow, happy anniversary and nice to see the face behind your amazing draws.
How can you draw such a fabulous portrait in 59 minutes?
Wow, respect!!!!!! ツ
davincipoppalag (edited Jan 24, 2022)
its wonderful Rosemary i only got you by a by a tiny bit Dec 15 2003 This was Rosemary 1/22/2004
Rosemary (edited Jan 24, 2022)
Elly thank you so much you are too kind xx tho I’m far from gorgeous ..windswept and interesting at best 😂

Luv2 thank you very much to the college /university I got into the habit of doing 4 30 minute and 1 60 minute sketch in my sketchbook every single day and I seem to have those times embedded in me .. it is just a sketch and it’s nowhere near as finished as I would like but I know I wont go back to this one ..I really should take the time to do a properly finished painting here sometime!

Thank you Dave..just a few weeks! I can’t imagine this site without you here! xx

.. I see my first commenters were the lovely emmamommalag and the fabulous DeadlyBlondeArcher.. I came to this site following a few others from Youdraw when it was having temporary server troubles or something like that ..I remember Dan (Axil62) posted the site name and I had to come look it up ..I’d only ever drawn on the tiny black and white youdraw drawpad before then and had never done anything digitally in colour and was in awe of the artists here ..while I cringe at my first drawings the wonderful comments here and lovely people gave me more encouragement and inspired me to study art and I’m forever grateful 😊
luv2 (Jan 24, 2022)
Did you get your degree in art?
You do such a fabulous job, and Elly is right, you are beautiful with fabulous hair.
Enjoy that age you are in, mid to late thirties are such a wonderful time for most women.
I loved it. lol
davincipoppalag (Jan 24, 2022)
there were some wonderful artists here back then for sure i stll hit youdraw now fr4om time to time
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