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drawn in 4 hours 19 min with Chicken Paint
elly (Jan 13, 2022)
elly (Jan 13, 2022)
drawn in 2 hours 37 min
elly (Jan 13, 2022)
drawn in 53 min
elly (Jan 14, 2022)
drawn in 47 min
I wish there were more options for textures in ChickenPaint...had to try to create my own...not thrilled but it's ok :)
luv2 (Jan 14, 2022)
Elly, the draw really is ok, the eyes and lips are very interesting with some nice shading.
I find the more I use Chicken paint the less I know.
I don't really use the two textured surfaces. Never used line textures, find I usually use soft brush, but magically it always seems to go to hard.
I find I have more play with scattering and spacing and applying different opacity to get textures.
This works well with watercolor, blender, dodge and burn not to mention pen.
Rarely have used pencil.
I like smudge but learning quickly (I don't learn fast) I find I have to play a lot with all and hit redo what seems like a million times!
I'm very envious of those who can do a fantastic draw in a short time. ツ
davincipoppalag (edited Jan 14, 2022)
They got all those things in Lascaux classic theyre all on the left side with sliders
the brush controls on on the right all in one box along with opacity controls below] but then again elly did this one a couple years back in chicken.
elly (Jan 14, 2022)
Thanks for sharing that draw, Dave! Always one of my fav's. That's the kind of drawing that I don't feel I have anymore O_O I'm trying so hard to get back to that quality but I'm disappointing myself with every draw lately...guess it'll come back in time ;)
luv2 (Jan 14, 2022)
That is an amazing draw Elly, why do the two pieces of art differ so much?
' to what is displayed.
I think you are going to have fun with your new drawing toy Elly.
Question for David, I tried deleting a draw but couldn't.
Did edit, delete, but it's still there. I guess I could try to redraw if edit allows me to fix.
elly (edited Jan 14, 2022)
Luv, I think the difference is how much my life has changed with all I've gone thru and lost. I feel I've lost my hyper-realism yearnings like I had back in those days too. The atmosphere here is also very different which reflects in my work as well. There are also tools and settings I had forgotten about when I did my last draw too, which you reminded me about actually. Maybe I'll open'er back up and work on her some more...Thank you for all your kind words luv!
luv2 (Jan 14, 2022)
Elly, sorry how life tends to rip our core at times. I did see your earlier post about two losses.
Sorry to hear, that has to be rough.
I saw your gallery and you have FABULOUS draws and you continue with more great art.
At times, I do forget how to achieve a look with certain tools after I've been absent drawing.
Basically, this is a Winter hobby for me, because Winter sucks!
I think you'll have fun drawing again with your new tools. ツ
davincipoppalag (Jan 14, 2022)
luv2 I can delete it if you tell me which drawing it is..
luv2 (Jan 15, 2022)
Thanks David, they are just black canvas now, please delete and thanks. ツ
davincipoppalag (Jan 15, 2022)
I hated to delete that winged one..but it.s your work...both done
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