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100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 49 min with Kleki
Caramelpop (Dec 26, 2021)
I mostly used games that most people know
- Poppy Playtime
- Friday Night Funkin
- Andy’s Apple Farm
- Cuphead
- Five Night’s At Freddy’s Security Breach
Also did this while listening to Christmas Music
Caramelpop (Dec 26, 2021)
drawn in 49 min
Caramelpop (Dec 26, 2021)
drawn in 23 sec
Ah,forgot to color Freddy’s ear ring (Mistake)
But still, Enjoy the image while it lasts
McKellsen (Dec 26, 2021)
This is so fun!! I love how you positioned and framed the characters :D
luv2 (Dec 27, 2021)
Very nice! ツ
elly (Dec 27, 2021)
Nice colors and perspective! Keep it up!
yellow.nutella (Apr 27, 2022)
It's soooo cUtE!!!! I love your stylization!
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