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buffaww (Nov 16, 2021)
iT IS TRUE that the richer and more lavish the country is,the worse that country will fall to thieves,politicians,liars and perverts.(Look at Pres.Clinton).Its a hard thruth to handle.The only thing the citizens can do,is to hang onto all their arms and make sure they know how to use them.Because their sordid leaders will make that necessary.--It is true this dimension is what the Chabad call "The Brutal World."(They believe in higher dimensions than this,)Whatever you believe,for most of us life is hard,cruel and an ongoing struggle.If that's not true of you,you are lucky.Most of the people in the world have to do this.Americans were just smart to take their own land,and before this manage to hang onto it.and have better lives than most.But we grew spoiled and weak,and other countries made sure they grew tough and more agressive than a Madonna video.hah. ---Its just the way of the world,and we old people know this.So if you think i would wish for immortality, you got the WRONG PERSON. HAH HAH. ;)
buffaww (Nov 16, 2021)
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davincipoppalag (Nov 16, 2021)
Ill tell ya this.. I would give em all I have if they would only stop running those
goddamned ads for medicare advantage plans....UGH
buffaww (Nov 16, 2021)
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buffaww (Nov 16, 2021)
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