100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 2 hours 28 min with Kleki
yellow.nutella (Apr 5, 2021)
yellow.nutella (Apr 5, 2021)
drawn in 5 min
yellow.nutella (edited Apr 12, 2021)
drawn in 57 min
(/ _ ; ) The time kept running after I left for the day, had I forgotten about the timer. Say this was 14 minutes more or less.
yellow.nutella (Apr 9, 2021)
drawn in 9 min
Practicing! I hope it comes out good.
yellow.nutella (edited Apr 9, 2021)
drawn in 14 min
I need a wall color. There is supposed to be lighting from the window, which will shine sunset like light or cool dark blue city lights. I haven’t decided. The pijama colors are cool, but I’m not so sure what to color the rest. I would really like some advice? Thanks!

Help me choose colors!! (I can also change existing colors, like the couch ‘cause I didn’t really like it, but the pajamas are off limit, hehehehe!)
davincipoppalag (Apr 9, 2021)
Looks good so far.. I have no idea about the colors
yellow.nutella (edited Apr 28, 2021)
drawn in 23 min
I have no idea what I’m doing. O—< That's a stick figure laying on the ground. It looks like a face, but it's a stick figure.
yellow.nutella (Apr 11, 2021)
drawn in 8 min
I don’t really know anymore.
yellow.nutella (Apr 12, 2021)
drawn in 23 min
As much of a pain this was, I quite enjoyed it.
davincipoppalag (Apr 12, 2021)
I think what you did with the lamp light worked well
yellow.nutella (edited Apr 13, 2021)
drawn in 6 min
I promise this is the last one... Hopefully
WolverineAlpha2 (Apr 22, 2021)
WOW better than any of mine and check out my brain impostor among us drawing my 4th meme on this drawing thingy
WolverineAlpha (Apr 22, 2021)
Why its good
Wraith (Apr 27, 2021)
Pretty good for a beginner. I enjoy looking at this picture. :D
WolverineAlpha (edited Apr 28, 2021)
Pretty good!? I probably couldn't even draw the dog, but This should be an intermediate.
Trans_potato_Shrek_Anime (Apr 28, 2021)
This is amazing! I love the colors and the lighting is perfect.
yellow.nutella (edited Apr 29, 2021)
Thank you so much everyone. You don't know how happy it makes me reading all of these. (๑>◡<๑)
shell (Apr 25, 2022)
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