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drawn in 1 hour 2 min with Kleki
yellow.nutella (Mar 21, 2021)
Me: I need to do my homework.
Hands: We need to hold that pencil.
Me: No, I promised I would do my homework and go to sleep.
Hands: Just one sketch.
yellow.nutella (Mar 21, 2021)
drawn in 3 min
davincipoppalag (Mar 21, 2021)
LOL.. I like the start heh..
yellow.nutella (Mar 22, 2021)
Thanks. I'm in school right now, so I'll try to finish it later.
yellow.nutella (edited Mar 22, 2021)
drawn in 5 min
Begginer canvas is a bit small, and I don't know the adequate size is... It's not coming as good, but I would like some tips. Please...?
yellow.nutella (Mar 22, 2021)
drawn in 5 min
I'll fix the hand later...
yellow.nutella (Mar 22, 2021)
drawn in 6 min
Colour choosing. I don't know what the shirt should look like...
yellow.nutella (Mar 22, 2021)
drawn in 2 min
davincipoppalag (edited Mar 22, 2021)
Beginner canvas can be 300 x 300 when the applet opens it opens looking small. you can hit the plus sign to make it larger when youre drawing.. Put your school letter on the shirt?.. or the mascot?..
yellow.nutella (Mar 22, 2021)
drawn in 10 min
I think I made the arm a bit long, so I shortened it.
yellow.nutella (Mar 22, 2021)
drawn in 17 min
I ran into some, cOmPlIcATiOnS.. I like the skirt.
yellow.nutella (edited Mar 22, 2021)
drawn in 7 min
??? I'll be right back...
yellow.nutella (Mar 22, 2021)
drawn in 2 min
I'm going to mark it as finished. I hope you like.
yellow.nutella (Mar 22, 2021)
drawn in 3 sec
SamuelOwoadeOfficial (Mar 22, 2021)
really good! You're godly at drawing!
yellow.nutella (Mar 22, 2021)
Thank you so much, even though I don't agree😊.
davincipoppalag (Mar 22, 2021)
Looks cute
yellow.nutella (Mar 22, 2021)
Thanks (*≧∀≦*)
cyberspaghetto (Mar 23, 2021)
This looks so good! i love the colors you used!
yellow.nutella (Mar 23, 2021)
I had a lot of trouble with the colours. I always seem to use just the primary colors. Make my character look a lot like sailor moon with that pallet.
elly (Mar 24, 2021)
I love it when her smile changed to a BIG smile! :)
yellow.nutella (edited Mar 25, 2021)
That was a mistake on my part for making the smile smaller. I wanted to make her eyes smaller but ended up doing the same for the mouth。he he I don't think I made the eyes smaller after all, though... (Mar 25, 2021)
Why is there a purple outline?
yellow.nutella (Mar 25, 2021)
I wanted something to soften the picture instead of the white. Pink kind of made the outline for the skin blend in with that so I went with purple. It still kind of blends in with the shirt, but I didn't think about it until now.
Kyi-the-dog (Mar 25, 2021)
Want tips for anime?
yellow.nutella (Mar 25, 2021)
Yes, please!
Kyi-the-dog (15 days ago)
Its kinda like your art but a diffrent eye type
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