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mintjelly (Dec 30, 2020)
Just wondering - I noticed that Chibi Paint didn't make it in the most recent update for the oekaki apps. Are there plans to bring it back? Or replace it with the HTML5 friendly Chicken Paint?
davincipoppalag (Dec 30, 2020)
Only place I know of that has Chicken Paint is Fearsome
marcello (Jan 1, 2021)
I just tried it out and it looks like chibipaint is unable to save via CheerpJ—making it not that useful.

It'd be cool to integrate Chicken Paint (and Kleki and Lascaux Sketch 2), but it's a bit of work and I'm not sure what the interest is.

You can also use Chicken Paint on
elly (Jan 5, 2021)
ChibiPaint was my very fav for the longest time...I miss it :( I'm trying to steer some artists here to wake this place up a bit!!
marcello (Jan 23, 2021)
alright, I added chicken paint, was pretty straightforward. try it out and let me know if it works for y’all
elly (Jan 30, 2021)
Thank you, marcello!!!!! Works for me!
bitbof (Feb 2, 2021)
I'll carve out time to make Kleki work here. Animations won't be possible though (at least short term).
marcello (Feb 2, 2021)
do you have a layered format you can save?
bitbof (Feb 3, 2021)
@marcello: Reading and writing PSD works. I'm having a look at the Lascaux 2 embedded branch. I think I will mirror how it's done there.
marcello (Feb 6, 2021)
sweet, should be up now
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