forums2draw.nethi, i dumped java 8,got an old one;this site---
clarachan1355 (May 12, 2017)

--this site says i did not enable the java--=-but I jusr did!! i got an old java, and dumped no. 8, and installed no. 7 or 6.--HOW DO I ENABLE IT?? I DID everything!! i cannot do all that "socket solution", i don't know how!! too complicated!!!this windows fiasco has destroyed all the art sites!!NONE OF THEM WORK!! iT'S horrible!! f---- Oracle!!--the only site that "kind-of" works with Java is "Chicken Smoothie" cuz its taken care of by a moderator,Japanese, who looks over all the little kids who draw animals and paint.they have their OWN ART SOFTWARE called "Chicken-Paint"which is good; i recommend the people running this site, get Chicken Paint" from the Japanese, cuz they know what they're doing.that site works---and simple solutions here? like fire-bombing Oracle and Microsoft?? good idea. hah hah.
davincipoppalag (May 13, 2017)
even the new java works if you allow the site in the java console exceptions and in your browser security exceptions (I use mozilla firefox).. and also for the firefox you also need the ESR . its a pain in the ass but it works
Miss_DJ (Aug 5, 2017)
Davincipoppalag!!! Hi! I've been stuck out here in "I can't get into now" for awhile. Can you tell me which Java I need to get in and can I use Google Chrome?
davincipoppalag (Aug 5, 2017)
I dunno if it works with (hrome.. I know it works with Firefox and the latest java..but you have to go in to the se<urity <onsoles of both firefox and java to allow the site (with both the https and the http addresses..AND you have to download the Firefox ESR that worked for me and shults and lori!
coffeejelly (Sep 24, 2017)
i'm using a Mac and i can't get any of the drawing applets to work too :'(
hyschara (Jun 5, 2018)
nothing seems to work for me. the closest was IE, but it said that my java security restriction blocked it. I added the site to the exception list but that didn't seem to do shit :<

i want to come back to this place i really, truly do
marcello (Jun 5, 2018)
@hyschara, make sure you add and not or see
davincipoppalag (edited Sep 6, 2018)
Well.. Firefox ,in their latest update has now killed mine too..can't find a way to make the applet work under this one.. so I guess my drawing here days are over too. ..crap. Cello.. you could make a fortune if you could ever release a stand alone offline edition of lascaux.. I know a lot of the folks would buy one.. I sure would. ##EDIT..Eureka..I took a shot to see if this worked on IE and to my surprise it does!! Wheeeeee
Felistorm (Nov 3, 2018)
*MEEEEE I would buy it. I love Lascaux!
Rosemary (Nov 3, 2018)
ive not been able to get it to work on firefox for ages but still works on internet explorer and puffin
davincipoppalag (Nov 4, 2018)
Ya I use the IE too
Felistorm (Dec 23, 2018)
That is what I use for it is IE
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