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lori (edited Dec 11, 2014)
How are you all doing?? I will be on 2draw more often again hopefully early next year.... but right now, I wanted to give those of you who like my artwork the link to my new online store! I'm selling digital art prints, just on standard sized premium quality photo paper for now, along with some handmade jewelry and some sculptures... Everything is very affordable...The site is still under construction, as I have sooo much more to add to it, and will forever be adding new projects as well.... but it is in working condition, things can still be bought right now though I'm still making the site... Merry Christmas! I hope some of you will check it out!
davincipoppalag (Dec 11, 2014)
Good stuff on there :0)
Felistorm (Dec 13, 2014)
Very nice! I have it followed from my FB but FB has me blocked from liking pages for some reason unknown to me. :/ *grrrr* but you have a nice shop going :) I am thinking about trying my own in a year or two but don't have enough to put in it yet. I have some things up on deviantart in the shop but as far as my own actual thing I just have a page going. I want to get a good mix going of crafts and such. I have an idea for some paintings but am working on christmas gifts right now. :) There is a group called I support Handmade and they share links and such and there are a lot of people looking for Christmas gifts on there. :) You might pass the link along in it.
davincipoppalag (Mar 30, 2016)
damned spammers
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