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drawn in 4 hours 5 min with Chicken Paint
pawillie (Sep 2, 2014)
pawillie (Sep 2, 2014)
drawn in 2 hours 6 min
davincipoppalag (Sep 2, 2014)
I love this so far the shadows are great
pawillie (Sep 2, 2014)
thanks dave, it still needs a lot of work
pawillie (Sep 2, 2014)
drawn in 23 min
elly (Sep 2, 2014)
Yes! The shadows! They drew me in right away! Nice work!
lori (Sep 3, 2014)
pawillie (Sep 3, 2014)
drawn in 56 min
pawillie (Sep 3, 2014)
drawn in 38 min
this is hard to do because of a tremor in my rt arm
Teapot (Sep 3, 2014)
I love the lighting and the sense of depth with the misty fog among the trees. Really lovely. Is it bison in Yosemite?

firecracker (Sep 4, 2014)
'Wow'!!! This is excellent!!! I love everything about it.....the snow looks so realistic.....the bison are awesome, and the shadows.....everything looks perfect.....I would frame this and hang it on my wall!!!!!! Beautiful painting 'pawillie'!! :)
pawillie (edited Sep 4, 2014)
Thanks elly, Lori, teapot, and firecracker. And Teapot they are wild boar. I should have stated this because they look like bison in the photo I used
Wraith (Sep 9, 2014)
Awesome! Feeling cold just by looking at it.
pawillie (Sep 11, 2014)
thanks Wraith
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