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drawn in 4 hours 38 min with Lascaux Sketch
tscott (Aug 5, 2014)
tscott (Aug 5, 2014)
drawn in 3 hours 54 min
davincipoppalag (Aug 6, 2014)
cool idea tony
tscott (Aug 6, 2014)
drawn in 22 min
tscott (Aug 6, 2014)
drawn in 18 min
tscott (Aug 6, 2014)
drawn in 2 min
firecracker (Aug 13, 2014)
I'm wondering if this might be some kind of a 'dedication' for a 'fallen' police officer???
tscott (Aug 13, 2014)
more likely a bent cop!handing in his badge'lol
firecracker (Aug 14, 2014)
ok.....I'm not quite sure what a 'bent' cop you mean a 'corrupt' cop?? If he is a corrupt cop.....I'm certainly glad he's handing in his badge!!!! There's already too many corrupt people running around the streets.....we don't need corrupt cops too!!! 'lol' :O
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