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drawn in 20 min with Chicken Paint
elly (Jun 28, 2014)
Wow, it's like a ghost town here...
elly (Jun 28, 2014)
drawn in 19 min
elly (Jun 28, 2014)
drawn in 1 min
Axil62 (Jun 28, 2014)
I really think 2draw has just about run it's course
Roytje (Jun 29, 2014)
All the oekaki sites I visit are almost dead. Unfortunately.
davincipoppalag (Jun 29, 2014)
everybody's off playing those farm games on their phones, I guess
elly (Jun 29, 2014)
such a shame....this is the site (of artists) that inspired me to develop my skills in my beginning days of digital drawing.....its like, home base for me. I ALWAYS come back home! Guess most have grown up and flew the Always good to see some familiar users tho. Love u guys!!
davincipoppalag (Jun 29, 2014)
alot still here.. I keep comin back.. i just havent had the time or energy
enjoydotcom (Jun 30, 2014)
I tried drawing here last weekend, but for some stupid reason, I can't get the program to work. Or any java-based Oekaki thing :'(.
Wraith (edited Jun 30, 2014)
Getting the programs to work correctly is one of the main problems. I hate when programs do not work correctly. And my drawings aren't that good anyways. But I want to keep drawing on 2draw when I get my PC back. Lent it to a friend till she gets hers fixed. Back when Kloxboy was here daily, 2draw ( All Paint Programs ) worked flawlessly, and was very enjoyable. I have to learn how to draw a straight line or a circle now, the way that it is currently.
enjoydotcom (Jul 2, 2014)
For me its 100% a Java issue. I don't think there is a correlation between Kloxboy being here and programs working properly. At least, I don't think he has ever been responsible for the software.
pawillie (Jul 6, 2014)
I had problem with java and discovered that the security setting on the java program in my computer was set at high and as soon as I reset it to medium the problem stopped. I was not aware that java had its own security setting
Wraith (Jul 7, 2014)
enjoydotcom, The correlation between Kloxboy being here, and programs working properly was, that at the time of Kloxboy, 2draw was constantly being maintained.
Pantera (edited Jul 7, 2014)
I can not draw here anymore either :( but I do come back once in a while to check you guys :) miss you all ... and I love this :)
elly (Jul 7, 2014)
Thanks, Pantera! And its always good to see you :)
lolijn (Jul 8, 2014)
firecracker (Jul 9, 2014)
Very nice.....I really like this.....:)
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