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drawn in 2 hours 59 min with Chicken Paint
elly (Apr 14, 2014)
In honor of my Mother who passed almost 7 yrs ago...She loved the color yellow. I miss you, mom.
R.E.D. Sept 10, 1938 - Apr 29, 2007
elly (Apr 14, 2014)
drawn in 2 hours 51 min
elly (Apr 16, 2014)
drawn in 7 min
firecracker (Apr 16, 2014)
Beautiful dedication to your Mom Elly.....I miss my Mom too.....she died on my birthday in the year 1997.
davincipoppalag (Apr 17, 2014)
RIP Elly'smom.. mine's gone several years now too. beautiful elly
elly (Apr 17, 2014)
My heart goes out to you, firecracker, along with you, dave. I just don't understand why we don't appreciate our mom's when we're young...
Axil62 (Apr 17, 2014)
Because all yall bitches are crazy, that's why. How's that for vulgar?
elly (Apr 17, 2014)
It's typically men that cause a woman to turn into a crazy bitch in my case, if in fact I fit the definition but, is it crazy for one to censor their own space for the sake of the seeing eyes of children if they care about them? Kids need all the help they can get these hard is it for one to be understanding about a simple thing like that? Unless of course, they've been jaded in the that case, I would understand :) Thanks for your comments!
firecracker (Apr 17, 2014)
I totally agree with you Elly......
karl (Apr 17, 2014)
Looks like an Eyvind Earle. here is a link to a similar work. Check out all of his work, he was quite brilliant. Nice tribute, elly.
elly (Jun 28, 2014)
Now that's a patient artist, karl. Thanks for sharing!
Wraith (Jun 30, 2014)
I'm going to have to agree with Axil62. I have learned that it is impossible to understand a womans ways. Just let them be their crazy selves is all I can do. And just live my life to the fullest.

Beautiful draw Elly! Love Yellow too. Hate Orange. Sorry about your momma.
elly (Jul 3, 2014)
Don't worry guys, many woman don't understand their own, or other women's ways either. But, we just know that most men can't or don't want to live without us :) Thanks Wraith!
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