dorothyblueeyes (Mar 7, 2014)
HI!! I often go to 4 Chan, their oekaki to briefly do one-time art works, and publish it there; and then save them on my computer. But most of them are NOT FINISHED. CAN I upload them to our aet software HERE, to finish them HERE instead? 4 chan uses the old usual similar ,I think its like ??Chibi-paint-- our experimental chibi-paint or our other older one everyone uses--the old standard. so its from just about the same oekaki software.

Why I always go there, to do a quickie drawing, and end up ding one that needs DAYS to finish, i don't know. and 4 chan's crappy site won't let you come back, and work on the painting more. you gotta fiinish them on the spot.

So how do i technically upload those unfinished pictures out of my documents, to software here, to finish them? can i do that?Hopefully? If anyone knows how to do this, could you please give me exact instructions? leave me a pm message, or post it here if you want. i'd rather get it in my message box; but however you want to do it. THANKS VERY MUCH!! I really love this site, and all you great artists and nice people. Wonderful artists, and nice folks. :)
I did try recently to IMG some of my art here, to post on a site directly FROM HERE, and it seems our site won't let you copy art here to post on other sites. we got protection? :O that's good i guess. THANKS, ALL!!--

Dorothyblueeyes, in Eugene Oregon (Lane county center of poor, homeless, and rich yuppie-organic--trader Joe-and-gourmet "boutique organic farms" produce that costs a million bucks, we got the Organic-Elite ; and tons of poor,unemployed, druggies, meth heads, students from our University of Oregon in Eugene, who PARTY-HARTY!! Call the police on em again!!--no money for schools which are all cut, but we get a New city Hall!! oh, and major theft of millions from Obamacare funds to make "Cover Oregon" website, which never functioned! but cost MILLIONS of bucks!! Hell, our poiliticians STOLE it all, like they always do here!!We went from a poor little lumber town, to Los Angeles. And we have ALL their traffic and freeways badly designed, so auto-crashes happen all the time. WHEW! Al the outsides came here, and RUINED this town. sigh--my native state, and its going to bankrupt, liberal Hell!!I can't sell my place, our real estate is worthless, and won't sell.
OK, sorry for bitching!! :) thats me, old,b67, and fibromyalgia-bitching, sorry. Love you all !! :)
davincipoppalag (Mar 9, 2014)
you can't upload pics to 2draw
Wraith (Mar 12, 2014)
dorothyblueeyes (May 23, 2014)
ok, its oo cause i caan't even get or draw on 4 chan anymore; i haave a "socket out of function, missing or something" and I don't know what it is.i'll get you the message, one of you can interprett the tech message. i can up load the unfinished art and do it on my computer using (ugh!) word paint. yuck!
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