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drawn in 3 hours 51 min with Chicken Paint
elly (May 21, 2013)
This is a drawing for a hunting & fishing E-magazine that's featuring my work this upcoming month...I've submitted about 8-10 pieces but this is the only one I've drawn specifically for the e-mag...thanks for lookin'!
elly (May 21, 2013)
drawn in 22 min
elly (May 29, 2013)
drawn in 55 min
elly (Jun 20, 2013)
drawn in 2 hours 30 min
elly (Jun 20, 2013)
drawn in 2 min
davincipoppalag (Jun 20, 2013)
How cool!!! Congrats Elly!
QTgillie (Jun 21, 2013)
fabulous atmosphere.
Ailaik (Jun 21, 2013)
Very pretty.
IdaLee (Jun 21, 2013)
So pretty! Those branches sticking up out the water are a nice touch.
firecracker (Jul 8, 2013)
Beautiful artwork Elly! :)
Wraith (Jul 10, 2013)
Pretty Drawing! Sorry I did not comment. Maybe because I was staring at the beauty of it and was speechless?
elly (Jul 11, 2013)
Ok, Wraith, I'll accept that :p Thx y'all!
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