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drawn in 3 hours 48 min with Chicken Paint
Teapot (Dec 25, 2012)
Referenced loosely from this portrait by modernist A. B. Carles painted in 1922.
Teapot (Dec 25, 2012)
drawn in 2 hours 17 min
Teapot (Dec 25, 2012)
drawn in 25 min
Teapot (Dec 25, 2012)
drawn in 9 min
davincipoppalag (Dec 25, 2012)
it's quite beautiful
Suntan (Dec 25, 2012)
Oh yes, this is wonderful. :)
Silvair (Dec 25, 2012)
wow! great textures! i feel as though i can see the thickness of the paint in this even though its on my monitor
Teapot (Dec 25, 2012)
drawn in 15 min
Sweetlove15 (Dec 26, 2012)
So so beautiful.
lori (edited Dec 26, 2012)
not sure how you got certain effects to work on this... but it sure came out good! love the clothes especially
Teapot (Dec 27, 2012)
drawn in 7 min
Teapot (Dec 27, 2012)
drawn in 3 min
Miss_DJ (Dec 27, 2012)
Teapot (Dec 30, 2012)
drawn in 10 min
Roytje (Jan 3, 2013)
It's wonderful.
Teapot (Jan 22, 2013)
drawn in 9 min
Teapot (Feb 7, 2013)
drawn in 11 min
madscientist111 (Jun 6, 2013)
This is stunning! Very beautiful!!
Teapot (Jun 6, 2013)
Thank you, Mad. Lori, I never answered your comment about the FX/textures. Chibi has really limited texture options so I used one of them and I also used the watercolour brush on a space/scatter setting that makes a broken line. When you combine that with varied pressure from thick to thin in a constant line you can get some beautiful results. It kind of reminds me of sumi ink. Where I like it in this painting is the gold line on her sleeve and the lace front of the dress.
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