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drawn in 35 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Ralph Maccio
Turtlebuster (Jun 5, 2012)
tooled around with lascaux for a bit, tons of problems i never used to have. submitting the picture took ages as well. anyone familiar with my situation have some insight?
Turtlebuster (Jun 5, 2012)
drawn in 25 min
Bobstained (edited Jun 5, 2012)
Is this Bill Cosby?
Turtlebuster (Jun 6, 2012)
drawn in 10 min
lori (Jun 7, 2012)
I am having trouble with lascaux also
Mr_L_V (Jun 10, 2012)
Love everything thats going on :D it looks weird but it really catches my eye, and no I'm not familiar with the problem that u when thru D: I mostly use chivipaint in all my work in here ever since I reopen a new account in this place :C hope that everything gets fix for that program soon!!
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