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drawn in 1 hour 5 min with Lascaux Sketch
Alter.Native (Feb 6, 2012)
Alter.Native (Feb 6, 2012)
drawn in 17 min
Alter.Native (Feb 13, 2012)
drawn in 10 min
Alter.Native (Feb 13, 2012)
drawn in 23 min
Alter.Native (Feb 13, 2012)
drawn in 12 min
davincipoppalag (Feb 13, 2012)
This is cool. don't know how you did it
lori (Feb 14, 2012)
fancy, I like the addition of the squares
shults (Feb 14, 2012)
ha.. when I looked at the thumb I thought someone used your stuff as a reference.. now I see it was simply you..
Alter.Native (Feb 14, 2012)
i'm finishing a large scale charcoal drawing of this with a different background..will post on dA when done..:)
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