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drawn in 3 hours 44 min with Lascaux Sketch
lori (Feb 1, 2012)
lori (Feb 1, 2012)
drawn in 50 min
davincipoppalag (Feb 1, 2012)
OOb this one looks like it's gonna be cool!
lori (Feb 1, 2012)
drawn in 13 min
lori (Feb 1, 2012)
drawn in 54 min
lori (Feb 1, 2012)
drawn in 1 hour 33 min
lori (Feb 1, 2012)
drawn in 3 min
davincipoppalag (Feb 1, 2012)
It looks really good
lori (Feb 1, 2012)
drawn in 8 min
Wraith (edited Feb 1, 2012)
That looks awesome lori. The colors are eye popping. It reminds me of my favorite flavor Tropical Punch. I wish I could critique it more, but I can't.
enjoydotcom (Feb 1, 2012)
You busted your butt on this, it shows :).
Roytje (Feb 1, 2012)
Nice textures.
lori (edited Feb 2, 2012)
thank you
firecracker (Feb 3, 2012)
This is really awesome Lori....I don't know how you have the patience to do these kind of draws....and I agree with really does remind me of tropical punch flavor! Great draw!! :)
lori (Feb 3, 2012)
well this is the longest I've ever spent on any of my 2draw drawings.. and I must say, it's not the best one I've done.. I'm not sure why this took me so long but I thank you all for your comments
Suntan (Feb 7, 2012)
looks hard, good job! I was thinking ruby :)
IdaLee (May 4, 2012)
This is fantastic, Lori!
lori (May 6, 2012)
thanks guys
beefcake619 (Nov 26, 2012)
super duper realistic (:
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