100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 1 hour 18 min with Chicken Paint
AliceA (Feb 21, 2011)
I dont think I can go more far with this ^^
AliceA (Feb 21, 2011)
drawn in 1 hour 4 min
AliceA (Feb 21, 2011)
drawn in 13 min
Suntan (Feb 21, 2011)
I'm inspired to do more faces now.
AliceA (Feb 21, 2011)
aww thanks! I should do more figures studies but faces fascinate me ^^
Suntan (edited Feb 21, 2011)
me, too, I'm addicted to drawing them.
Alter.Native (Feb 21, 2011)
Nice style.
Xx_D4nG3r0u5_xX (Mar 20, 2011)
Ooooh I love this ^^ I did my makeup like this for halloween once xD
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