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drawn in 3 hours 12 min with Chicken Paint
elly (Feb 20, 2011)
So I put this one away for a while after I lost 2 hrs of progress on it a few weeks back....I really don't like drawing the same thing more than once so i had to wait for some time to go by before I could get myself in the mood to work on this one again!
Ref pic >
elly (Feb 20, 2011)
drawn in 19 min
elly (Feb 20, 2011)
drawn in 41 min
elly (Feb 21, 2011)
drawn in 54 min
elly (Feb 25, 2011)
drawn in 25 min
elly (Feb 28, 2011)
drawn in 23 min
elly (Mar 10, 2011)
drawn in 28 min
backmagicwoman (Mar 10, 2011)
wanted to log in and say how pretty I think this new I must sleeep and recooperate...Good job elly.
davincipoppalag (Mar 11, 2011)
This is beautiful miss elly
thepatches (Mar 11, 2011)
Love these colors...and the veins.
backmagicwoman (Mar 11, 2011)
I feel like a flower that's been stripped of everything that made it beautiful and special..
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Mar 11, 2011)
Nice, warm colors. (I feel like one that went into full bloom in the dark of the night while no one was looking, it's morning and I'm getting a little frayed around the edges, probably be completely wilted and dropping petals before too long...:) I want to be a big thorn bush in my next life ;) I usually don't gravitate to this palette unless it's a sunset but I'm enjoying this painting, it's vibrant.
backmagicwoman (edited Mar 11, 2011)
I'd like to come back as a mixture of Belladonna Plant and Foxglove...It's good to see you back around again DBA.
elly (Mar 12, 2011)
Thanks y'all! BMW, no one nor nothing can strip away your beautiful heart...the rest doesn't even matter!!!! ((HUGS))
And I'm HONORED that my piece brought out the amazing DBA!!! The one who inspired me to better my skills several years ago!!!!! Nice to see you out and about!
Suntan (Mar 12, 2011)
hey! great job, elly! :D
Lily (Jun 12, 2011)
It's just beautiful *.*
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