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drawn in 2 hours 22 min with Lascaux Sketch
Miss_DJ (Sep 24, 2010)
Miss_DJ (Sep 24, 2010)
drawn in 13 min
Miss_DJ (Sep 24, 2010)
drawn in 11 min
Miss_DJ (Sep 24, 2010)
drawn in 25 min
Miss_DJ (Sep 24, 2010)
drawn in 13 min
Miss_DJ (Sep 24, 2010)
drawn in 13 min
davincipoppalag (Sep 24, 2010)
cool.. I like V1 and V 3 too
lori (Sep 25, 2010)
kinda eerie.
Miss_DJ (Sep 25, 2010)
drawn in 24 min
Miss_DJ (Sep 25, 2010)
drawn in 39 min
Time to stop for
mursku (Sep 25, 2010)
i cannot figure out how you did that. or even what tools you used.. make a mini tutorial, pleease! :3
padmooks (Sep 25, 2010)
montezmaria (Sep 25, 2010)
Very interesting, beautiful coloring. I'm not sure what this is, but I see some type of fish at the bottom of the sea with all the scales on it in beautiful coloring.
firecracker (Sep 25, 2010)
I can definitely see a fish in there......this is really awesome MissDj......your style is so unique! :)
Miss_DJ (Sep 26, 2010)
thank you!! I do have a lot of fun creating these. Mursku, I've done tutorials, but I think they're hard to follow. Maybe I'll try another one. There's so much 'messing' with these draws, that basically, it's about creating lots and lots of shapes, then using the difference tool along with blend and then move around to create whatever you want. See, that's kinda vague, huh?
Glad you like this one!!
mursku (Sep 26, 2010)
no no, the difference tool and the blend tool make sense.. i don't think chibipaint has the difference tool, but i could try to do something like this in photoshop.
Miss_DJ (Sep 28, 2010)
yeah, chibi doesn't have that option, only Lascaux. I wrote you a Tutorial.
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