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drawn in 58 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
xiau (Sep 8, 2010)
Just trying to reacquaint myself with the tools here. Marcello, I'm really starting to fall in love with Lascaux this time, so I think I'm here to stay. You'll have to deal with me again, sorry.

I missed you guys!
xiau (Sep 8, 2010)
drawn in 51 min
xiau (Sep 8, 2010)
drawn in 6 min
enjoydotcom (Sep 8, 2010)
I missed you too. Such a sweet face :D.
davincipoppalag (Sep 8, 2010)
very cute Rina.. glad to have you back
Luniki (Sep 8, 2010)
it really looks like it was drawn with pencil. I like the effect
neurose (Sep 8, 2010)
RINAAAAAAA. I just stop in here, and look who's drawn.

*still can't use Lascaux*

*is a fail*
Felistorm (Sep 8, 2010)
Glad to see you on!!! I think Lascaux is the only drawing app that feels right to me so that is all I use too. :P
xiau (Sep 9, 2010)
Eee, thank you ;v;! It's so nice to hear from all of you again!
firecracker (Sep 9, 2010)
very very nice.....:)
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