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drawn in 3 hours 30 min with Lascaux Sketch
Kulu (Sep 7, 2010)
photo ref
Kulu (Sep 7, 2010)
drawn in 11 min
Kulu (Sep 9, 2010)
drawn in 7 min
Kulu (Sep 9, 2010)
drawn in 1 hour 12 min
Kulu (Sep 10, 2010)
drawn in 36 min
Kulu (Sep 10, 2010)
drawn in 1 hour 22 min
backmagicwoman (Sep 10, 2010)
Well done, but...EWWWWW!
davincipoppalag (Sep 10, 2010)
What BMW said...runs>>>
Wraith (Sep 10, 2010)
Fantastic Spider! Well done. Creepy as hell tho. Friendly my ass~!
Flubbles (Sep 10, 2010)
Hahahahahahahahaha I love spiders!
Pantera (Sep 10, 2010)
I love spiders and this one looks great :)
lori (edited Sep 10, 2010)
ya, real friendly.... I wonder what it would do if you let it look at itself in the mirror :)
Miss_DJ (Sep 10, 2010)
holy mackeral. wonderful draw.
backmagicwoman (Sep 10, 2010)
Probably take a big pooper in his spidey briefs...I've picked up snakes with my bare hands, but u can forget about me touching spiders..Noooo spank you!
firecracker (Sep 11, 2010)
this spider is really awesome.....I'm not a fan of spiders, but this guy is quite beautiful. I love his coloring and markings.....I kinda wish I would see one like this out in my yard somewhere.....but I wouldn't want to touch him.....he looks vey intimidating....."lol"!! When I was a kid, my brother and I used to catch ants, and we would throw the ant on a spider web, to watch the spider come out and weave his web around the poor ant....."lol". I used to catch snakes with my bare hands too "bmw".....but I never would try that with a spider.....haha....:)
Kulu (edited Sep 13, 2010)
thanks guys.

this is a nice female, about the size of a quarter. i got many photos of her. spiders are not too dangerous in most parts of the world..even

the biggest tarantula have bites comparable to bad bee stings. there are only 3 really dangerous spiders, wandering spider, sydney funnel, and i know the widow has killed some young and elderly. brown recluse will give the ugliest bites too

i let them live...they eat the other bugs
backmagicwoman (Sep 13, 2010)
We have tons of Black Widows and Brown Recluse here, but I have never been bitten by either..but I was bitten by a wold spider one year while unloading christmas whole arm swelled and was really itchy..but it went away after a week.
mursku (Sep 21, 2010)
hmm.. i think this is your best yet. draw more thats an order! :P
Kulu (Oct 4, 2010)
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