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drawn in 8 hours 10 min with Chicken Paint
firecracker (Aug 4, 2010)
Well....I guess this is a bad habit of mine.....I watch too many "horror" movies...then I sometimes have nightmares...."lolz"! I'm not finished with this pic yet....I didn't know what else to draw....I don't drink...I don't smoke....I don't do I had to think of something, and I figure watching too many horror movies would qualify as a bad habit . I grew up watching spooky eerie brother, sister, and I all have this brother finally sorta grew out of sister still loves horror movies.....she has the habit worse than me...."lolz". If this doesn't qualify for the contest board.....then just "bump it" to wherever you want......:) I have to post this to "finished" so I can start another draw.....I might try to add more to it some other time. Thanks again for 3rd place.....I really appreciate it!! :)
firecracker (Aug 4, 2010)
drawn in 1 hour 50 min
firecracker (Aug 4, 2010)
drawn in 54 min
firecracker (Aug 5, 2010)
drawn in 1 hour 5 min
firecracker (Aug 5, 2010)
drawn in 39 min
firecracker (Aug 5, 2010)
drawn in 31 min
firecracker (Aug 5, 2010)
drawn in 1 hour 16 min
firecracker (Aug 5, 2010)
drawn in 36 min
firecracker (Aug 5, 2010)
drawn in 1 hour 9 min
firecracker (Aug 5, 2010)
drawn in 6 min
sassy109 (Aug 5, 2010)
ur amazing fc :)
firecracker (Aug 5, 2010)
Thank you very much "sassy".....I really appreciate you you like to watch horror movies???? :)
sassy109 (Aug 5, 2010)
yeah! even if im the only one in cinema go horror!! scream loud as i can :)
pawillie (edited Aug 6, 2010)
this is great, I love the way you work with dark colors and make them look beautiful
firecracker (Aug 6, 2010)
Thanks "pawillie"for your nice comment.....I really appreciate it.....I'm glad you like the pic.....I'm gonna try to do more work on it later.....I'm too sleepy right now to do anything. If I was that kid in the "pic".....I certainly would be hesitant to buy a ticket from that "ticket" man....he's very "omninous" looking...."lol"!! I did use a "ref" pic.....
madscientist111 (Aug 6, 2010)
FC, this is fantastic! I on the other hand stay away from those types. This is beautiful! Makes me wanna go to the movies!
firecracker (Aug 6, 2010)
Thanks "madscientist" for commenting.....I appreciate it! I'm glad you like the "pic".....I've always liked scary movies.....the scarier the better...."lol"!! :)
davincipoppalag (Aug 6, 2010)
Good spooky entry FC . I've always liked horror flicks too
lori (Aug 6, 2010)
great pic fc! I suppose anything that gives you nightmares is a bad habit
Suntan (Aug 6, 2010)
Like some bad habits, I can't imagine having this one!!! You're doing a good job, fc! :)
pawillie (Aug 6, 2010)
this could be a contest winner FC
firecracker (Aug 6, 2010)
Thanks "DaVinci", and "Lori", and "Suntan", and "Pawillie".....for all of your nice comments......I really do appreciate it.....I'm glad you guys like the pic! I'm gonna try to do some work on it as soon as I can stop feeling so tired...."lol".
There is only one horror movie that I can think of that I did not like at is "The Exorcist".....that movie was just too sickening for me.....there were parts of that movie that were just totally downright disgusting, and I never want to see it again...."LOL"!! :)
pawillie (Aug 7, 2010)
I did not like the exorcist either, to scary
shults (Aug 8, 2010)
I've noticed you narrowed your "habit" to "names" and "lol"s. :)

I think that ever since we stopped having slumber parties (on sixth grade) I haven't seen any horror film.
firecracker (Aug 8, 2010)
"LOL"!! Yes, Shultz.....I am trying very very hard to narrow my habit.....maybe I'll end up with just the "lols"....and eliminate the names...."lol"!! It's hard to break habits. Hey! That would've been a good draw for this bad habits of apostrophes!!! "LOLZZZ"!! Anyways.....thanks for your comment.....I appreciate it! How come you don't like horror films???? There are a couple of cool movies that fit into the horror category that you might like to is by Quentin's called "Deathproof"....starring Kurt's a really cool movie. Another one is called "Reststop" that one is downright scary. I only saw it one time.....and I was very scared...."lol"!!
Andee (Aug 8, 2010)
Awesome use of vertical lines!! This is very coolz.

And The Exorcist is great :)
firecracker (Aug 8, 2010)
Thank you very much "Andee" for your nice comment.....I really appreciate it.. :) The exorcist was just way too sickening for is a very scary movie though....but there are just too many scenes that make you sick.... I !like movies that make me scared, but I don't like movies that make me! Thanks for commenting.....:)
Miss_DJ (Aug 12, 2010)
I love the mood of this draw..spookily perfect.
firecracker (Aug 12, 2010)
Thanks "MissDj"....for your nice comment.....I appreciate it. I still need to add some "finishing touches" to it.....but I kinda lost I doubt I'll be doing any more to it now......maybe later....I dunno...."lol"! Anyways.....I'm glad you like this spooky pic.....:)
padmooks (Aug 13, 2010)
Oh firecracker...You got 3rd place because you put so much fucking time and effort into this, and created a cool spooky ambieance, so it might not be the worst habit, but you definitely drew your bad habit well and with gusto.
davincipoppalag (Aug 13, 2010)
Congrats on taking thirds FC
elly (Aug 13, 2010)
Congratulations FC!!! GREAT job on this draw!! You've really perfected your use of textures in your pieces and this is a wonderful example of that!!!! GREAT WORK!!
pawillie (Aug 13, 2010)
congrats FC, I knew you could do it
firecracker (edited Aug 13, 2010)
"Wow"!!!! What a surprise!! Thanks sooooo much!! I can't believe that this draw would win anything......but thanks so much for 3rd place.....I really do appreciate it!! Thanks to the 3 "judges" who voted, and thanks to everyone for all your nice comments.....I appreciate it! I feel like I just won the lottery or something..... what a surprise!! "lol" Maybe this will help to encourage me to get out of this "slump" that I've been in for quite awhile...:) Also....I want to say "congrats" to jekyll on winning 2nd privacy settings are set that I can't see any draws that are rated I am not able to see his draw, or comment on it.....that's why I'm commenting on it here....Congrats Jekyll! :) I'm sorry that this pic is now in the "new contest".....maybe you can "move it....I dunno. I had to post this as finished because I couldn't start a new draw until I got this one out of my unfinished draws gallery.....
padmooks (Aug 14, 2010)
i cant move it.
ill try.
we arent "judges"
we are judges.
its more manly without the quotations.

congrats though.
Suntan (Aug 14, 2010)
Good show, fc! :)
firecracker (Aug 14, 2010)
@ padmooks.....maybe one of the "mods" can move it out of the way. I'll try to be more careful where I put my quotation marks.....I didn't know that the word judges would look more manly without the quotations.....I'm trying to figure out why you want it to look manly anyways.....I sometimes think that you young people have a language all of your own.....I'm still trying to figure out the word backpedaling...."lol'! Even my granddaughters sometimes speak in a language all their own....I see them on "Facebook", and half the time I can't figure out what they are talking about...."lol"!! Anyways......Thanks for "3rd Place".....I really appreciate it! @ "suntan".....Thank you very much suntan for your nice comment....I appreciate it very much.....:)
dorothyblueeyes (Aug 15, 2010)
this is really wonderful,and strange,in a good way.great.shows the whole mood,too.You deserve a prize,gee. Yeah,my sister and I still think Halloween is better than Xmas,so you're not alone.I used to watch"the Alfred Hitchcock Hour"before I went to bed at night,to relax. (My psychiatrist thought that was strange.)So,not everyone is the same(thank god.)Yeah,I do not drink(alchohol)smoke,do drugs,or fool around (not enough any more!)so my outlet is drawing and painting,too,and watching lots of movies on pirate websites.and tv.,and Netflix. We need some vices,don't we? Not everyone can be in politics!-the biggest vice of all. Congrats.
firecracker (Aug 15, 2010)
Thanks "DBE" for commenting.....I'm glad you like this pic. I didn't think think it would win a prize.....that was a very nice surprise! Thanks again....I appreciate your comment! :)
GreyGhost (Aug 23, 2010)
There are worse habits to have! Anyway, look at what comes out of it :)
firecracker (edited Aug 25, 2010)
Hi "GG"! Nice to see ya!! Thanks for commenting....I really appreciate it! I'm glad you like the pic....:)
Alxias (Apr 18, 2011)
Very epic. :)
firecracker (May 1, 2011)
Thanks for the nice comment "Ally"....I appreciate it! :)
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