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drawn in 48 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Roytje (Aug 4, 2010)
Roytje (Aug 4, 2010)
drawn in 30 min
davincipoppalag (Aug 4, 2010)
beautiful eye, wonderful painted look
Axil62 (Aug 4, 2010)
Roy shines.
elly (Aug 4, 2010)
Oh the classic red hair and greens eyes! Beautiful!
Miss_DJ (Aug 4, 2010)
shine on you crazy diamond...♪♪
Flubbles (Aug 4, 2010)
I love a gal with firery red pubes.
sassy109 (Aug 4, 2010)
Teapot (Aug 4, 2010)
I love the nose and the mouth so much.
firecracker (Aug 4, 2010)
I like red hair and green eyes.....they go good together.....very nice!!! :)
Roytje (Aug 5, 2010)
Red hair and green eyes is almost as beautiful as dark hair with blue eyes.
Suntan (Aug 5, 2010)
awesome :)
dorothyblueeyes (Aug 8, 2010)
wow,beautiful,i love it; horray for redheads!!REDHEADS RULE. so does this painting,you can paint. :)
padmooks (Aug 9, 2010)
Arique (Aug 9, 2010)
oh man. this is stunning. as a fellow redhead I'm all about this.
Anna (Aug 9, 2010)
She looks almost exactly like a friend of mine. Lovely
montezmaria (Aug 10, 2010)
The green eye showing against her red hair is striking. Wonderful facial features..really a pretty woman.
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