boardscontest!Sweet Dreams
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drawn in 3 hours 16 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Bubblicious (Jul 19, 2010)
Dear judges: Due to my incredible laziness and lack of inspiration, I will not be finishing this. Please ignore this entry. Thanks, lol.
Bubblicious (Jul 19, 2010)
drawn in 56 min
Bubblicious (Jul 20, 2010)
drawn in 20 min
Bubblicious (edited Jul 20, 2010)
drawn in 43 min
Gah, stuffs taking me forever... I think her heads too small, haha.
Bubblicious (Jul 20, 2010)
drawn in 29 min
Finish later p:
Bubblicious (Jul 20, 2010)
drawn in 25 min
I'm getting aggravated...
firecracker (Jul 22, 2010)
This is looking great "Bubbles"....I hope you'll finish this one....:)
Bubblicious (Jul 23, 2010)
drawn in 21 min
Cuz I decided not to draw the demon chick....
padmooks (Jul 25, 2010)
im going to delete this then. okay?
Bubblicious (Jul 30, 2010)
Yeah please do.
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