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drawn in 1 hour 55 min with Lascaux Sketch
Miss_DJ (Jun 4, 2010)
Miss_DJ (Jun 4, 2010)
drawn in 1 hour 45 min
Miss_DJ (Jun 4, 2010)
drawn in 9 min
June Fourth
NOVEMBER93 (Jun 4, 2010)
I love this.
Suntan (Jun 4, 2010)
I have to look for that tutorial. You've done it again. :)
Miss_DJ (Jun 4, 2010)
thank you both! I could try to do another tutorial..but it's kind of hard to explain what I do to create these. I can tell you one thing, you have to be very patient and go through a series of steps before your 'paintbrush' becomes filled with what you to see....
davincipoppalag (Jun 5, 2010)
this is just cool
firecracker (Jun 5, 2010)
I agree.....very cool!! :)
lori (Jun 6, 2010)
another really pretty one DJ
Miss_DJ (Jun 6, 2010)
thank you, poppa, firecracker and lori! ♥
shults (Mar 18, 2012)
Your gallery is addictive.
Miss_DJ (Mar 23, 2012)
I'm glad you think so shults..thanks!
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