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drawn in 2 hours 11 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
enirroc (Apr 10, 2010)
need the space
enirroc (Apr 10, 2010)
drawn in 21 min
enirroc (Apr 10, 2010)
drawn in 17 min
enirroc (Apr 10, 2010)
drawn in 37 min
enirroc (Apr 11, 2010)
drawn in 19 min
enirroc (Apr 12, 2010)
drawn in 21 min
davincipoppalag (Apr 12, 2010)
I think it looks pretty good
miyuki-kaito (Apr 12, 2010)
Arique (Apr 12, 2010)
OH man, if the eye is any indication of what this piece is going to end up like, it's going to be phenomenal!
vlad.the.hamster (Apr 12, 2010)
this is gonna be epic!
firecracker (Apr 12, 2010)
It looks pretty good so this another Matt Bellamy draw? :)
enirroc (Apr 12, 2010)
Nah, I barely know who matt bellamy is, it's just some guy I found a picture of online. lol. I don't know who he is.
vlad.the.hamster (Apr 12, 2010)
Doesn't look like Matt at all anyway. :p
enirroc (Apr 13, 2010)
drawn in 15 min
Ziggyhbp (Apr 14, 2010)
looks like anthony kiedis
enirroc (Apr 14, 2010)
Good call, I did a little searching, and that is who this is. Or at least who it will be when I finish it.
davincipoppalag (Jun 24, 2019)
Nice to see you've been here !
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