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drawn in 2 hours 58 min with Chicken Paint
elly (Mar 22, 2010)
LOL! Ok, start on the first version and click your way thru to the last version (personally I've been skipping over version 2)...she's an emotional (and unstable) old lady! Bwaaaahahahahaaa......just messin'....
elly (Mar 22, 2010)
drawn in 44 min
madscientist (Mar 22, 2010)
Incredible monochromatic draw! Love the emotion on the face!:))
elly (Mar 22, 2010)
Thank you kindly, mad =) If I were that old, I wonder if I'd have any emotions left?? LOL!
davincipoppalag (Mar 22, 2010)
That's amazing work elly
elly (Mar 22, 2010)
drawn in 39 min
LOL! Guess there's life left in this old lady after all!!! Bwaaahahahahaaaaa
(ewww..ugly, but so fun! Click back n forth on the two versions..funny!)
enirroc (Mar 22, 2010)
lol, I just sat here clicking back and forth between versions to the beat of the music I'm listening to, and I started laughing. Great draw. I love the scary version. lol
elly (Mar 22, 2010)
LMAO!!!! It reminds me of some of those emails people fwd that has you watch a video, looking very carefully for *________* with the volume turned up and then WHAM! Something like this pops onto the screen!! LOL!! Thanks, enirroc! Glad you had fun playing with it!
backmagicwoman (Mar 22, 2010)
Now THAT is cool....I love this one elly...
firecracker (Mar 22, 2010)
I agree.....this is really cool! I like flipping from version one to version two.....great draw!! :)
DorsY69 (Mar 23, 2010)
Oh my gosh ...what are you drawing here?! Now we know the other side of you elly! but flicking is just too halerious XD
elly (Mar 23, 2010)
Thanks, BMW, FC & DorsY! Yes, these things come out of me from time to time. It's a great release!
Miss_DJ (Mar 23, 2010)
Ok if I get really old and creepy, just shoot me. nice creepy draw, elly!
elly (Mar 23, 2010)
I seriously doubt you will look 'creepy' when you're old, Miss DJ! Actually the old lady in my first version is a thing of beauty I think! More I think about it, I should've done an 'inbetween' version of her! Thanks my friend!
elly (Mar 25, 2010)
drawn in 11 min
elly (Mar 25, 2010)
drawn in 9 min
elly (Mar 25, 2010)
drawn in 19 min
elly (Mar 25, 2010)
drawn in 29 min
elly (Mar 25, 2010)
drawn in 6 min
elly (Mar 25, 2010)
drawn in 6 min
elly (Mar 25, 2010)
drawn in 4 min
This one actually looks a little like someone I know....weird... o_O
enirroc (Mar 25, 2010)
I love this so much.
Alter.Native (Mar 25, 2010)
Haha! Great!
enjoydotcom (Mar 25, 2010)
Hahahahahaha, I'm meeeeeeeelting...
davincipoppalag (Mar 25, 2010)
fun to click them all!
madscientist (Mar 25, 2010)
Cool draw and wonderful texture work!:))
Suntan (Mar 25, 2010)
haha, did it fast!
elly (Mar 25, 2010)
drawn in 5 min
TumblingUpwards (Mar 25, 2010)
This is great, it brought a smile to my face that's for sure.
firecracker (Mar 26, 2010)
it just keeps gettin' better and better......"lol"!! Nice!!! :)
Miss_DJ (Mar 26, 2010)
You're a funny and talented young lady! Love version did great on all of these!
DorsY69 (Mar 26, 2010)
lol ... she is changing into dog? fantastic :D
elly (Mar 26, 2010)
LOL! thanks, TU, FC, DJ, & DorsY =) Dog? Sorta, I was thinking something like a warewolf who knows what she'll turn into next!!
Wraith (Jun 18, 2010)
Hey that was pretty fun clicking through each. Genius! Love the effect on the final. Looks like a Pooch. A digital Pooch.
Overall, amazing. Such talent.
Dr.Moony (Jul 13, 2010)
this is messed up...I like it
staci (Jul 13, 2010)
so i've been on a quest lately to find photos or videos that will actually shock or creep me out..and clicking from version 2 to 3 did it. gj...most interesting thing i've seen art-wise in a while.
Flubbles (Jul 13, 2010)
madscientist111 (Jul 13, 2010)
Awesome draw! Makes me think of the series, Night Gallery with those eerie paintings!
elly (Jul 13, 2010)
Thanks, y'all =) Maybe I should resurrect this one again....
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