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drawn in 1 hour 5 min with Chicken Paint
elly (Mar 19, 2010)
I may play with him some!
elly (Mar 19, 2010)
drawn in 49 min
Miss_DJ (Mar 19, 2010)'re amazing...♥
davincipoppalag (Mar 20, 2010)
Lovely Etching looking thing!
firecracker (Mar 20, 2010)
This is really have a very creative mind.......your draws are unique and always interesting to look definitely are an amazing artist.....:)
elly (Mar 20, 2010)
alright, cut it out y'all =p
davincipoppalag (Mar 20, 2010)
(yer cute when ya blush)
shell (Mar 20, 2010)
awesome I love it
elly (Mar 20, 2010)
Thanks shell =)
madscientist (Mar 20, 2010)
This is amazing! Looks like you can actually feel roughness of the skin! Darn, you're good!:))
elly (edited Mar 22, 2010)
drawn in 15 min
I decided to play with some of my fav tools on this old man......who got a bit older looking or....he's been thru hell and back!! LOL!
lynnandcharlie (Mar 22, 2010)
this is a fantastic draw, I have never seen this look before but like it very much
elly (Mar 22, 2010)
Thanks, l&c! I've perfected it just a tad by using the smudge, dodge & burn tools =) So fun!
davincipoppalag (Mar 22, 2010)
it looks like a bronze sculpture
elly (Mar 22, 2010)
I can see that, dave =) I love all the tiny images that appear in this sort of texture too...I SO want to take that part of this techique further!
Pantera (Mar 22, 2010)
Wow, very nice did you have a ref ?
elly (Mar 22, 2010)
Thanks, Pantera. Yes I started with a ref but it was very 'general' in how I followed it...then I just took off from there.. =)
Pantera (Mar 22, 2010)
With or without a ref this is just incredible, all of your work is very impressive, thank you for sharing it with all of us :)
Suntan (Mar 22, 2010)
Wow, he looks like he's made of tortiseshell! Those eyes seem to have a lot behind them. Very nice portrait. :)
elly (Mar 22, 2010)
Thanks, sunny! Ya, I wonder what kind of stories this guy would tell if he could??
Suntan (Mar 22, 2010)
I don't know what he would tell, but he gives me the willys, like he came up from the ground. I keep looking at him lol ><
backmagicwoman (Mar 22, 2010)
he's made out of chewed up tootsie rolls..:D
elly (Mar 22, 2010)
melting, burnt tootsie!
backmagicwoman (Mar 22, 2010)
firecracker (edited Mar 22, 2010)
Awesome pic!! He reminds me somewhat of that old man that went by the name of "Ayatollah".....I think he was from Afghanistan, or some weird country like that.....anyways....awesome draw!! :)
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