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drawn in 5 hours 16 min with Chicken Paint
firecracker (Jan 27, 2010)
A birthday card for my dog Zack. He's 7 yrs old today, and he still acts like a puppy.....he's a sweetie and I luv him so much! This is my first attempt at doing a dog's not finished yet, and it's FAR from perfect.....but I have to start somewhere.....and hopefully I'll get better at this. I need to work on his fur more, and around his mouth area.....but it's just supposed to be a simple birthday card for my dog, so I'm not gonna be too fussy about getting it to look perfect...."LOL"!! "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" ZACK! :)
firecracker (Jan 27, 2010)
drawn in 1 hour 9 min
firecracker (Jan 31, 2010)
drawn in 53 min
firecracker (Feb 1, 2010)
drawn in 40 min
firecracker (Feb 1, 2010)
drawn in 23 min
firecracker (Feb 1, 2010)
drawn in 13 min
firecracker (Feb 1, 2010)
drawn in 16 min
firecracker (Feb 1, 2010)
drawn in 56 min
firecracker (Feb 1, 2010)
drawn in 17 min
firecracker (Feb 2, 2010)
drawn in 25 min
Roytje (Feb 2, 2010)
Happy Birthday, Zack :)

I hope you'll draw here again very soon, Zack!
Suntan (Feb 2, 2010)
Good job, I could never draw an animal this well. :)
Aakyra (Feb 2, 2010)
This is fantastic so far! What a beautiful boy!
enjoydotcom (Feb 2, 2010)
Good drawing :D.

@Roytje, dogs don't draw ;P. hahaha
Roytje (Feb 2, 2010)
I think Zack is one of the best artists here.
Suntan (Feb 2, 2010)
I agree! :)
firecracker (edited Feb 2, 2010)
Thanks "Enjoy", Roytie, Suntan, and Aakyra for your nice comments....I really do appreciate it! I'm really glad you all like the pic ......I wasn't sure if I was doing a good job on this......but you guys have given me the encouragement to keep workin' on it. I'm not satisfied with his fur, and I need to work on the mouth area......but he really does look like my german shepherd, and that's why I wanted to do this draw for "Zack".....he's the best doggie in the whole world. I got him a new "squeaky" toy for his "b-day", and he luvs it...."LOL"!! He still acts like a puppy. Anyways.....Thanks again for taking the time to comment.....I appreciate your comments, opinions, and whatever suggestions you all can make..... to help me do better on my draws. By the way....I did NOT use the texture tool at all on the dog....I just used it a little bit on the border and the background!! :) "LOL" Roytie.....Zack really appreciates your nice comments..."lolzzzz"!! :P
davincipoppalag (Feb 2, 2010)
This is great FC really good work
DoOp (Feb 2, 2010)
I miss Zack ;___; and awesome doggiieee *--*
TumblingUpwards (Feb 2, 2010)
I have a German shep too, they are wonderful dogs and you captured the beauty of the eye very well. Zack is lucky to be so loved, I hope you have many more years with him. A very impressive first dog draw.
firecracker (Feb 2, 2010)
Hi DaVinci, and "DoOp, and "Tumbling".....Thank you all for your nice comments.....I'm glad you like the pic. Tumbling......I looked at the amazing draw that you did of that doggie to help give me some ideas on how to do fur and eyes. I don't know how you got the fur on your doggie to look so soft, and that eye that you drew is beyond amazing.....your draw should be in the advance boards. I'm gonna do more work on this draw to see if I can smooth out his fur a bit, and make it look more blended. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I'm glad you have a german shepherd....they are wonderful dogs. "DoOp......did you have a dog named Zack?? You commented that you miss Zack.....Anyways....Thanks again for all your comments....I really appreciate it....:)
enjoydotcom (Feb 3, 2010)
This is the zack we miss:
dorothyblueeyes (Feb 3, 2010)
yes, it's very beautiful picture. Fantastic. I'm just at the point myself of getting a dog a large one,partly for protection and very much for companionship. So I could use all the advice I can get, because I haven't owned a dog before. I was always a cat owner. But now I want a dog for the above reasons, because they're more like people with real personalities. I'd like to take him out for walks, and stuff like that. I own a large enough place, so that he can run around under supervision. So you suggest German Shepherd? I've heard they're very nice dogs. It was either that, or some type of Labrador mix.but this is a beautiful picture, and it really catches him quite well. (Anybody who wants to advise me to buy a book on dogs, that you know of, please leave the remark. I need to know more about them.)
firecracker (Feb 3, 2010)
Hi "Enjoy".....I can see why you all miss that Zack in the link you posted......I'm not familiar with his work.....but after seeing his gallery.....I can see why you all miss him.....his artwork is awesome. Where did he disappear to??? Also.....thank you "dorothyblueyes" for your nice comment.....I'm glad you like the pic. I think it would be great if you decided to get a german shepherd. They are wonderful dogs....great pets, great companions, great guard dogs, very loving and loyal. You can't go wrong in choosing a german shepherd....:)
DKD (Feb 8, 2010)
looks great
firecracker (Feb 8, 2010)
Thank you "DKD".......I'm glad you like my doggie......:)
WolverineAlpha (Apr 26, 2021)
I don't care how old this drawing is this is my dream dog.
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