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drawn in 46 min with Chicken Paint
Gooey (Jan 9, 2010)
something unexpected form me. :)

I was thinking about my AP history presentation...
(should stop spamming srsly)
Gooey (Jan 9, 2010)
drawn in 16 min
Gooey (Jan 9, 2010)
drawn in 30 min
Going to bed. I'm not supposed to be on since my mom is here... n_______n
Nijiiru (Jan 9, 2010)
*Runs in circles* I dunno what it is!! Must...FIGURE IT OUT...GAH!! *Brain fart*'s..uh...Pinguin!! xD
Gooey (Jan 9, 2010)
Hint: I am doing a presentation on the bubonic plague. c:
Good stuff man.
Nijiiru (Jan 9, 2010)
I havent studied the Bubonic Plague in years.
I also have a friend on gaia with that same name xD
assha-rei (Jan 11, 2010)
Affff, it's those bird masksssss
When you mentioned the bubonic plague, you reminded me of the analogy they used in one of our art history videos last year. The one where they compared the piles of dead bodies to lasagna? Yup...
Gooey (Jan 12, 2010)
I still hated the part when they started whipping themselves. >I
haloe12 (Jan 15, 2010)
That video was so epiccc.

Lol I thought it was one of the characters from The Muppets. o:
Karete-96 (Jan 23, 2010)
looks like a pest doctor O.O nice though!
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