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drawn in 59 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Axil62 (Nov 2, 2009)
Axil62 (Nov 2, 2009)
drawn in 39 min
Roytje (Nov 2, 2009)
Nice, good lighting. Of course.
Suntan (Nov 2, 2009)
Looks wonderful.
Flubbles (Nov 2, 2009)
I did one like this a while back,
backmagicwoman (Nov 2, 2009)
Absolutely wonderful...
vlad.the.hamster (Nov 2, 2009)
I don't know why, but this one kind of creeps me out.
Wonderfully executed, but creepy all the same.
Miss_DJ (Nov 2, 2009)
I like it. I think it's the mouth, vlad. it creeps me out a little too.
Can't tell if she'd be super sweet, or super evil. The light is wonderful!
Flubbles (Nov 2, 2009)
If you want to see a creepy kid watch the film joshua.
backmagicwoman (Nov 2, 2009)
yeah he was creepy, butnot nearly as creepyas the kid in the film orphan...
SamiJ1000 (Nov 2, 2009)
that was a good movie!
backmagicwoman (Nov 2, 2009)
which one?..I bought orphan this weekend..I'm gonna watch it again because it has an alternate ending...
elly (Nov 2, 2009)
for me it's the eyes that knocked me off kilter....very different, interesting. Fantastic lighting!
Axil62 (Nov 2, 2009)
drawn in 19 min
Aakyra (Nov 2, 2009)
I can actually feel the intensity of the sun on her hair, shoulder... remarkable, beautiful work!
Axil62 (Nov 2, 2009)
I know that in general a lot of you probably think I don't really give a fuck, but I actually appreciate comments (not the token phony ass kind, mind you) So anyway, thank you.
Flubbles (Nov 2, 2009)
Sometimes i think i can seem ungrateful when i get nice comments, and it's not because i'm not grateful it's because i feel awkward.
backmagicwoman (Nov 2, 2009)
Well you guys are great artists..and you deserve nice comments on your work...
Flubbles (Nov 2, 2009)
I only think you should call yourself an artist if you do it for a living...i mean you dont call yourself a chef just because you make yourself a sandwich for lunch.
backmagicwoman (Nov 2, 2009)
Ok..well if you draw great pictures then you deserve nice comments...
Wraith (edited Nov 2, 2009)
I wish I had your Talent Axil62. You also make drawing fun. I still get a good laugh from "axil in his great grandfather's rocking chair". I have been meaning to comment on that one because even at my work, the image of you sitting on your great grandfathers chair in your undies, Priceless Laughs! :D

This drawing here is another great one.
elly (Nov 2, 2009)
Got my kilter back...the eyes are looking a bit more 'pleasing'. Is this someone you know?
vlad.the.hamster (Nov 2, 2009)
doesn't look creepy anymore. funny how small changes work.
adxaidl3692 (Nov 3, 2009)
Flubbles, if you ever have drawn a picture, or put paint to a canvas, then you are an artist!
Roytje (Nov 3, 2009)
So Van Gogh wasn't an artist, Flubbles?
Flubbles (Nov 3, 2009)
Do you think van gogh would be as famous as he is now if he hadn't of cut off his ear?
Roytje (Nov 3, 2009)
You're kidding, aren't you?
Axil62 (edited Nov 3, 2009)
OK, just finished writing my grocery list so this writer is off the store. But before I go I'm going to check the oil in the car so this mechanic doesn't have engine trouble down the road. Before I leave I'd better make sure my wife takes her medicine because this doctor wants her to feel better. Almost forgot to water the plants too, this horticulturalist wouldn't want them to get too dry. I'd better add batteries to my grocery list, this electrician wouldn't want the remote to die while watching a movie because this entertainment critic hates to interrupt a movie to change the batteries.
Sassywacky (Nov 3, 2009)
You have a lot to do but it's amazing what you accomplished in between all that. Truly your talent is overwhelming.
Moosh (Nov 4, 2009)
I actually liked the first one better. o.O
This one's great as well, though. Gorgeous lighting.
firecracker (Nov 9, 2009)
Very pretty draw.......:)
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