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drawn in 10 hours 29 min with Chibipaint
firecracker (Oct 24, 2009)
Just trying to practice doing a silhouette type of draw. I'm not good at drawing silhouettes.....this is supposed to be a silhouette of a ghostly pirate ship. I'm not finished working on this. I'd appreciate any advice anyone might give me..."lol"! I'm posting this as I have room in my unfinished draws gallery.....I can always go back later and work on this more.....
firecracker (Oct 24, 2009)
drawn in 45 min
firecracker (Oct 24, 2009)
drawn in 52 min
firecracker (Nov 9, 2009)
drawn in 44 min
firecracker (Nov 14, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 24 min
firecracker (Nov 15, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 26 min
firecracker (Nov 15, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 40 min
firecracker (Nov 16, 2009)
drawn in 35 min
firecracker (Nov 16, 2009)
drawn in 19 min
firecracker (Nov 16, 2009)
drawn in 16 min
firecracker (Nov 16, 2009)
drawn in 23 min
firecracker (Nov 16, 2009)
drawn in 23 min
firecracker (Nov 16, 2009)
drawn in 1 min
firecracker (Nov 16, 2009)
drawn in 59 min
firecracker (Nov 16, 2009)
drawn in 12 min
firecracker (Nov 16, 2009)
drawn in 11 min
firecracker (Nov 16, 2009)
drawn in 11 min
Miss_DJ (Nov 16, 2009)
so far, so good Firecracker! I don't think you need the texture on the moon. The mountains seem to appear unattached to anything (unless that's all fog in front of them) Otherwise, nice!
davincipoppalag (Nov 16, 2009)
Love the ship so far FC
firecracker (Nov 17, 2009)
Hi "Missdj" and "DaVinci".....Thank you both for your nice comments.....I appreciate it. I'm glad you think this draw looks ok so far.....I was thinking of deleting it, because it was getting too frustrating. I don't think I'll be doing any more silhouette type draws any time soon.....they're too difficult for me. I'm gonna try to finish this one though. MissDj......I think you're right about getting rid of the texture in the moon.....I might do that. That is supposed to be fog or haze in front of the mountains.....that's why the mountains look like that..."lol"! I'm gonna work on it some more.....maybe I'll be able to get it looking better. Thanks again for commenting and also for your advice.....I really appreciate it.....I need all the advice I can get..."lol"!! :)
dorothyblueeyes (Nov 17, 2009)
beautiful, love it. kinda kike the moon texture, gives it that extra interest.
catfish (Nov 17, 2009)
I like this, very nice.
cyclops (edited Nov 17, 2009)
"ohhhhhh".....I don't know what to say about this one.....the textures kinda "grosses' me out....."LOL"!! > You look kind of like an Amish man.
GreyGhost (Nov 17, 2009)
Really liking the ghostly mist and the eerie moonlight :)
firecracker (Nov 17, 2009)
Hi "dorothy", and "catfish", and "cyclops", and "GG"! Thank you all for your nice comments......I do appreciate it. I'm glad you guys like my first attempt at trying to draw a "silhouette" type pic.....I'm still not satisfied with it.....I'm gonna do more to it. I like the way that some of you can draw great looking silhouette pics.....I've seen a couple that I really like. I haven't learned to do that yet, but I'm trying. "Cyclops".....You really do look like an "Amish" man, if that pic that you drew is a self portrait....I worked with an amish guy at a hospital (years ago), and he looks a lot like you!! "LOLZ"! Amish people are "cool" shouldn't be offended....:)
iary (Dec 23, 2009)
Very nice work !
firecracker (Dec 24, 2009)
Thanks "iary" for the nice comment......I appreciate it.....:)
LifeGotColour (Jan 2, 2010)
beautiful image... it seems to be a silent night..a moonlight night:)
firecracker (Jan 2, 2010)
Hi "Life".....thanks for commenting....I'm glad you like the ghostly ship....this is supposed to be Captain Jack Sparrow's pirate ship.....he's my fave pirate...."lol"!! :)
DKD (Feb 8, 2010)
very nice
firecracker (Feb 8, 2010)
Thanks "DKD" for your nice comment.....I do appreciate it.....:)
Teapot (Feb 27, 2010)
wow. I'm impressed! This is beautiful...and so well done. You need to meet my friend, Roz. She'd buy all your artwork. Everything in her house looks like you could have drawn it.
firecracker (Mar 8, 2010)
Hi "teapot".....I just now noticed you left a comment on this pic.....thanks very much.....I really appreciate it! I'm glad you like this pic.....I kinda like old pirate ships, and Captain Jack Sparrow is my fave I just felt the need to draw this pic...."lol"!! I would like to meet your friend "Roz".....she sounds like a nice person......she is welcome to buy all my "pics" if she wants......but I don't know why she would want to...."lol"!!! :)
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