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QTgillie (Sep 21, 2009)
The Husband should know better than to break out a bottle of Merlot on a Tuesday night, even if he did use some of the first bottle to marinate the dinner.
QTgillie (Sep 21, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 3 min
backmagicwoman (Sep 21, 2009)
Well they always say..never cook with a wine you wouldn't drink....looks good..very tasty..
QTgillie (Sep 21, 2009)
all i have to say, is you are quick on the draw today BMW.
backmagicwoman (Sep 21, 2009)
Must be the drugs...
QTgillie (Sep 21, 2009)
drawn in 10 min
firecracker (Sep 22, 2009)
What is it that you have in that bowl looks pretty good......I'm just not sure what it is....."lol"! :)
backmagicwoman (Sep 22, 2009)
Them there be salty green olives being drizzled with a bit of the ole EVOO...and i can tell ya"'s yummo!
GreyGhost (Oct 12, 2009)
Mmmm, olives ... good and good for you :) Nice sheen! That must be extra virgin pouring out that bottle, Gillie ... I didn't think they made them any more; virgins, I mean :)
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