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drawn in 32 min with OekakiBBS
Elwing (Oct 25, 2003)
Finaly, my first art (I hope you can see the pic this time ^_^)
Its an elf, Its not very pretty, but I have not much time left right now... I spend a lot time on the eye, the rest is not very nice, but hey! I've made something ^_^
Elwing (Oct 25, 2003)
drawn in 32 min
Harmanye (Oct 25, 2003)
It is nice for a first, and the eyelights are pretty, but I suggest spending more time on everyhting instead of focusing on one item alone.
The necklace is very nice too, but you should prabably fill in the white in the hair and skin, and clean up your lines a bit. You're using layers, right? The blush is pretty cool and halftones are always neat. ^_^
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