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drawn in 2 hours 20 min with Chicken Paint
elly (Aug 28, 2009)
I tried for a "painted" look rather than a realistic one....not so sure I got it.....but, was fun!
elly (Aug 28, 2009)
drawn in 17 min
elly (Aug 28, 2009)
drawn in 33 min
elly (Aug 30, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 29 min
backmagicwoman (Aug 30, 2009)
It looks beautiful....I love the colors...
lori (Aug 30, 2009)
this is neat elly, I like it
Axil62 (Aug 30, 2009)
I don't know why but it looks backwards to me.
backmagicwoman (Aug 30, 2009)
I don't know..I don't have an artist's eye like that...
davincipoppalag (Aug 31, 2009)
I think it worked pretty well Elly, it's pretty
firecracker (Aug 31, 2009)
Wow! I think this is really beautiful.....I really like the way you painted's a work of art!! Great draw! :)
elly (Aug 31, 2009)
Not sure why you see it backwards, Axil? Are you dyslexic perhaps?
Thanks for the comments y'all =)
xsi639 (Aug 31, 2009)
wow*.* beautiful*.*
bette_davis_eyes (Aug 31, 2009)
very pretty scene elly.. I love the painted look :)
Black_Bird (Sep 1, 2009)
Beautiful. I love the clouds in the background also. Ah...
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