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Black_Bird (edited Jul 12, 2009)
The following below is geared towards Moderators in general and fellow users.

Firstly, I really like this website.

It has a catchy name, the regulars I see on here do great contributions to the site, I browse everyday and do the occasional drawing when I have free time. I haven't been around for long, however I have already picked up on a few issues this website has. Take the following as constructive criticism Moderators...

1. ) Lack of Moderation on boards.

I really feel this is the kicker for this site. I feel more clear, concise criteria needs to be set out for each board.

For example, works on Intermediate/Advanced are not to have wasted white space showing in the works. Would you accept looking at a canvas work that had wasted white empty space with a tiny drawing down the bottom? You wouldn't right? Why should digital work on these boards be any different?

Would you honestly consider the below an acceptable standard for Intermediate/Advanced?

"I needed more space" is not an acceptable excuse with me.

If no, why is it not moved? Why do other users have to advise others that these works and similar don't belong where they are? Why doesn't Advanced seem to have any Criteria notated at the top like Intermediate? Where are the Moderators? Are you really THAT busy?

Following from above...

2. ) Beginner board needs another board.

Call it whatever you want, the "sketch board" or something along those lines where absolute beginners or anyone else can post their 10 minute or less sketch deal that spams the beginner board. In fact, I believe that's one of the main problems also. So much spam drawing occurs in the beginner board that the genuine users putting in 30 mins and more into their work solidly feel their work is being missed out on in the beginner section due to the 10 minutes and under works, so what do they do?

They start posting in Intermediate. Intermediate then gets all the beginner quality work and the genuine Intermediate level users get annoyed that their works are being knocked off quickly...Do you see where this is going?

I propose the following as an idea for what could be done:

Sketch Board room: Works under 30 minutes.
Beginner Board: Works 30 minutes or more.
Intermediate: Works 1 hour or more. No wasted white space.
Advanced: Works 2 hours or more. No wasted white space.

I'll leave it at that for now. I hope people understand what I mean by 'wasted white space' with a work.

In my opinion:

Good white space:
Bad white space: See above any of the examples I used.

I write the above purely from genuine interest for the well-being of this place. I really like it here, I want to keep drawing here and learning. However, that development needs to be brought to it's appropriate place on the boards from Users.

Your thoughts?


enjoydotcom (Jul 12, 2009)
I agree with you. But I know that the people who run this site are busy developing us a new drawing tool. That might have something to do with the lack of attention to this site you mention.

In defense of the mods, I have seen 3 drawings been moved from advanced to beginner in the past few days. Personally I also have an issue with others commenting on crappy drawings saying : "Ow that is so cute". When it is a crappy 2 line drawing. But that is my personal issue.
Bubblicious (Jul 12, 2009)
Yeah, I agree with you Black Bird, but I also agree with Enjoy. While some of these point should be taken into consideration, we've been having this same conversation on different threads for awhile now. We right now can't do much about it, so we really just have to wait and see what they do about it. But Marcello and the others are working on that one drawing thingy, so I think that's what is taking up most of there time.
marcello (Jul 12, 2009)
We have moderators? D-:
Bubblicious (Jul 12, 2009)
O.o Do we?
shults (Jul 12, 2009)
Haha :D
riccir (edited Jul 18, 2009)
i agree with you 100% but to tell you the true i just come here to draw and use the website as a tool to post mine on Deviant art and my porfolios online,i dont care about where drawings are posted,or the showcase cause to be honest,it is all made to the moderators liking and not quality of the drawings.
I love to see other peoples drawings and commenting and even get to know more about other artist,but the site system really lacks on attention.
There is nothing here that shows an incentive for the artist to get better so in my view just post your work and use it as a media to showcase your art somewhere else,enjoys the comments and other's art posted in here and be happy with that.
That is the bottom line anyways.

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