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drawn in 1 hour 16 min with Chicken Paint
2 versions
1 hour 3 min
13 min
PinkPaintBrush (Jun 16, 2009)
One of my most drawn dragon characters.
PinkPaintBrush (Jun 16, 2009)
drawn in 46 min
Bubblicious (Jun 16, 2009)
Oooh, evil dragon. Cool!
PinkPaintBrush (Jun 17, 2009)
drawn in 16 min
Anyone want to color him for me? His main body is a blood red color, the chest scales are gold. Collar is black with silver spikes. His eye can be yellow, red, or green, or all three if you want. The horns and spikes should be gunmetal, dark blueish-black. And the webbed part of the fringe should be bright green. xD Teeth can be a off white color.
Bubblicious (Jun 17, 2009)
I shall color!!!
PinkPaintBrush (Jun 17, 2009)
You're added now.
Bubblicious (Jun 30, 2009)
drawn in 13 min
Bout time I started to color this thing.
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