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drawn in 4 hours 4 min with Chicken Paint
Sleepyhead (May 8, 2009)
no ref just my mind
that's all!
Sleepyhead (May 8, 2009)
drawn in 24 min
Justin_Sane (May 8, 2009)
Hmm a feeling of claustrophobia, trapped, restricted i can sorta relate lol
Sleepyhead (May 8, 2009)
Hmmm you can huh? lol
backmagicwoman (May 8, 2009)
I don't know but it looks like it could lead to something very cool....
Sleepyhead (May 8, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 23 min
More messing around with the chibipaint board :D
davincipoppalag (May 8, 2009)
It's a pretty interesting and stylish character
juliabeatriz (May 8, 2009)
very interesting pose
firecracker (May 8, 2009)
I like this character.....he is very unique looking......maybe he is from another planet, and he has come to "check out" the Earth people...."lol"!! He looks friendly and peaceful......I like him. :)
Sleepyhead (May 9, 2009)
Thanks, I have still no idea what to do with him/her. Don't even know if it's male or female.. lol
Suntan (May 9, 2009)
Well, it will be interesting to follow your progress. :)
Miss_DJ (May 9, 2009)
I love your mind...keep it goin'...
Sleepyhead (May 9, 2009)
lol Miss DJ, love my mind already? I just started over here.. thank you that's nice of you to say ;)
Sleepyhead (May 10, 2009)
drawn in 2 hours 2 min
Strange fruits grow at this dazzling place..
This version didn't really take me hours, I had it open for hours and played even more with the board while doing other stuff too. ;)
Sleepyhead (May 12, 2009)
drawn in 13 min
Oh yeah, I think it's finished.. :)
Miss_DJ (edited May 12, 2009)
yes...I love your mind because you're drawing freely...from your head, not from a reference. I think of Salvadore Dali. He didn't have a reference. I appreciate original creativity very much.

ps so as to not start any war...I think that those who choose to copy references are very talented to be able to do so. I just think it has to be so much more freeing to create something from your mind.
riccir (May 12, 2009)
i love when i see people drawing with no reference..this is very good!
firecracker (May 12, 2009)
I love how this turned have a very "creative" mind. Very nice draw. I wish I had a creative mind...."lol"!! Great draw!! :)
elly (May 12, 2009)
so glad to see you enjoying chibi! Love the circle bkgd you added to this and the whole draw is quite unique!
Justin_Sane (May 12, 2009)
Looks like he/she got their finger right on the "button" lol
Sleepyhead (May 13, 2009)
Miss DJ, riccir and firecracker thanks for commenting my no ref 'creative' mind. ;)
It's just so much easier and lots of more fun to draw without any reference, except for my mind. :)
Elly thank you for your nice compliments and again for pointing me to chibi, I really love that applet.
Justin Sane you seem to know it all, especially about buttons.. lol
Bubblicious (May 13, 2009)
Love it, it is very cool :D
bette_davis_eyes (May 13, 2009)
very unique draw.. I like it :)
Sleepyhead (May 13, 2009)
Thanks bubbles and bette :D
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