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drawn in 3 hours 17 min with Chibipaint
Miss_DJ (Apr 27, 2009)

The wind on the water,
it can't go far....
just round this world....forever.....

And the way that I love you,
it can't last long....
just till this life, this crazy life
is over........

I see myself in different ways today
I'm on the outside and I'm looking in...
and I find myself wanting nothing
but to be with you again.

And rainbows come,
from tears of the sun
green and gold glide by
and rainbows chase the rain.

The wind on the water
it lets your mind wander
pictures in the sky
come and take your mind away....

I see myself in different ways today
I'm on the outside and I'm looking in...
and I find myself wanting nothing
but to be with you again.

And this is
just a short song to say...
I hope to see you home again..
to stay,
yes, I hope to see you home again...
to stay
Miss_DJ (Apr 27, 2009)
drawn in 48 min
Miss_DJ (Apr 28, 2009)
drawn in 18 min
backmagicwoman (Apr 28, 2009)
Good start miss DJ..i can tell it's gonna be really pretty when you get done...
Bubblicious (Apr 28, 2009)
I agree :D I can't wait to see it. :)
Suntan (Apr 29, 2009)
Very nice beginnings. :)
firecracker (Apr 29, 2009)
Very pretty "pic" and "poem"......I hope you finish it. :)
Miss_DJ (Apr 30, 2009)
drawn in 31 min
Miss_DJ (Apr 30, 2009)
drawn in 9 min
Miss_DJ (May 1, 2009)
drawn in 59 min
davincipoppalag (May 2, 2009)
Pretty big seas for a boat that size. Hope they make it in! Nice job on this
teodorika (May 2, 2009)
the water looks so realistic!! fantastic job! :)
Suntan (May 2, 2009)
checking in on this again, and I see great stuff coming! :)
firecracker (May 2, 2009)
Very nice "pic"......I agree with "DaVinci".......the sea looks pretty rough for such a small boat.....I hope they will make it back to shore in "one piece"!! It reminds me of when we lived in Lake Erie....we had a small boat.....and we would go out on the water when there were "small craft warnings" posted. Our little boat would be "bobbing" up and down while the water was so rough and the waves were pretty big.....we didn't care though......we just loved being out on the water. My daughter was little then.....and none of us ever wore "life jackets", and none of us were experienced swimmers.....we just never thought of danger.....we were having too much fun. Anyways......this "pic" brought back a nice memory for me..."Thanks"!! Great "pic"!! :)
Miss_DJ (May 2, 2009)
In their lives they know Who is in control of the wind and the waves, they're faith is not shaken by the outward gales or storms that they may face. Their hope is in the One who can say, "Peace! Be still!" to any force/situation that they find themselves experiencing, and suddenly they sense a great calm. It is then easy to row their boat to shore, no matter the size of the vessel.

That's what this lil drawing depicts. 'They' are my son and myself.
Miss_DJ (May 2, 2009)
drawn in 30 min
bette_davis_eyes (May 2, 2009)
this is wonderful donna! and wow chibi water looks awesome :O
riccir (May 3, 2009)
wow..i cant wait to see the finishing touches..this is superb!
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